Pickleweed Grows and Ducklings Fly

2012 National Finalist

Pickleweed Grows and Ducklings Fly

In California beautiful landscapes are nothing new—
Redwood trees, rose gardens, and silky sands—
But the real beauty lies in the sloughs
And the murky waters of the Baylands.

There is a serenity here today.
Under the deep azure sky
In the beauty of the bay
Where pickleweed grows and ducklings fly.

The wind caresses the golden grass
That grows along the riverbanks
Where birds chirp a daily mass
Stirring noise from amongst their ranks.

With my back against a palm tree tall
I breathe in the sweet and salty air
And for all my trying can’t recall
A place more serene or a place more fair.


Jessica Feinberg, age 14
Palo Alto, California
Girl Scouts Nor Cal Troop 60656
Girl Scout Leader: Susan Mittmann

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