Poems Hide

2012 National Finalist

Poems Hide 

Poems hide everywhere
You just have to find them
Under the bed with the monsters I Can't see
Crammed in-between my stuffed animals
And on top of the piano strings

Poems hide on the other side of the moon
In baby socks that don't fit my feet
But hold millions of memories
In the lopsided hamper half-filled
Each piece of clothing
Holding a story of its own

In the rings of milk left on the table top
They hid in car engines
Banana peels spotted with age
And shadows crawling across my ceiling at night

Poems hide on the static television screen
And the blank one too
In torn up wrapping paper
In the dictionary
And even in people strutting down Sangamore Avenue
With a spring in their step
But most of all
Poems hide in ME
And I will keep it that way forever

Poems hide everywhere
you just have to find them


Sarah Baldino, 12
Bethesda, Maryland 

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