Not planning to run for office?  That’s OK!  There are plenty of career opportunities for a Politics major.

While not designed as a vocational major, the Politics major prepares students to succeed in a wide range of professions, including:

  • Public sector careers in government service or with non-profits and advocacy groups
  • The legal profession and allied fields including criminal justice, paralegal, and court administration
  • Post-secondary and secondary education
  • Journalism
  • Private sector careers with corporations, small businesses, and sole proprietorships


 Remember that many of tomorrow’s best jobs haven’t been created yet.

The knowledge, values and skills you acquire with a Politics major are “transferable”—you can use them in any career. These include:

  • Oral and written communication: your ability to research, write, and talk about important ideas and issues
  • Critical and analytical thinking: your ability to recognize and make well-reasoned arguments, define issues, and synthesize facts, concepts and principles
  • Problem-solving: your ability to clarify problems, evaluate pertinent sources of information, identify critical questions when making decisions, and evaluate alternative solutions
  • Leadership and teamwork: your ability to take initiative, work effectively with those from diverse backgrounds, and practice ethical behavior
  • Adaptability: your ability to apply information creatively to new situations or tasks, craft innovative solutions to complex problems, and adapt your behavior to changing circumstances

Visit our Alumni page to see the wide range of careers our graduates have pursued.



Students considering a particular career path can easily shape and supplement the Politics major to suit their interests. We work closely with our majors to plan their course schedule.



  • Students interested in public sector careers, both in and out of government, may wish to earn our Certificate in Practical Political Leadership. [Link tba]
  • Students considering post-graduate study in Political Science, Public Policy or Public Administration should focus on challenging courses that require extensive writing and develop research skills.
  • Students interested in international careers might choose to supplement the Politics major with courses in Global and Regional Studies (e.g., GRS 1, 100, and 130). Study abroad and foreign language proficiency are recommended.
  • Students interested in journalism might choose to complete the Digital Studies minor or alternatively, strengthen their communication skills with courses such as ENG 100 and 108, and/or COMM 10, 107 and 117
  • Students interested in secondary school teaching should pursue a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science
  • Students might also be interested in supplementing their B.A. in Politics with Saint Mary’s Masters in Leadership and Organizational Development 4+1 Degree, which they begin in their senior year and complete in one year.
  • Whatever your plans after graduation, consider an internship with an organization related to your interests.

These pathways are completely optional. Students who prefer completing an "open" major should do so. You will still be well equipped to succeed in your chosen path upon graduation.