Upper Division Courses

Upper division politics courses cover a wide variety of topics that examine power struggles through more nuanced conceptual and theoretical approaches covered in the lower division courses.

New Special Topics Courses

Beyond our regular course offerings, faculty members have recently developed a variety of new special topics courses according to student intersts and professor research speciality.  These courses are great for majors and non-majors alike.

  • Arab Culture and Society aims to explore various internal and external influences on Arab society and culture, particularly in light of the massive changes taking place in the Arab World known as the "Arab Spring."
  • Cops studies the real world of policing both in and out of the classroom including off-campus visits to police academies and detention centers.
  • Food Politics considers how something as seemingly innocuous as choosing certain foods can be a political act with global consequences.
  • Hot Button Political Issues examines the Natural Law philophosical tradition and proceeds by analyzing controversial legal and political "hot button" issues in the context of natural law. (cross-listed in Philosophy)
  • Money and Politics explores the role of money in contemporary American politics from the 1970's to the present, focusing on campaign finance, lobbying, the impact of media on public opinion, legislation, supreme court decisions, and the "revolving door" hiring phenomenon between government and business.
  • Social Justice Organizing
  • Politics of Imprisonment addresses the explosion of the prison population in the last two decades and the viability of alternatives to mass incarceration.
  • War: Causes, Conduct, Consequences explores the phenomenon of war from an interdisciplinary point of view including social science, natural science, and humanities approaches.
  • War and the Economy explores the relationship between the political act of war and the economy as both cause and consequence of war, examining wars from the US Revolution through Iraq War.