Independent study and .25 credit courses

Students may choose independent study or .25 credit courses to help fulfill major or minor requirements.  Independent study courses allow students to cover a specific topic in politics not covered by our regular or special topics courses.  .25 credit courses typically meet once a week.

190 Social Justice Speakers Series (.25 credit)
This quarter-credit course focuses on different aspects of social justice in conjunction with the “social justice speakers” who are invited to speak on our campus. The course helps the students explore the topics presented by the speakers through pertinent readings and follow-up discussions.

191 Remebrance and Resistance (.25 credit)
This quarter-credit course is offered in conjunction with a trip to Fort Benning, Georgia to participate in the vigil that remembers victims of human rights atrocities in Latin America and to protest against training that may induce Latin American military officers to commit such atrocities.  Requires six weekly discussion sessions, and participation in the vigil and protest during the third weekend of November.

195 Internship in Government
Offers the student the opportunity to earn credit while learning about the day-to-day functioning of government by working part-time in the office of a government agency or elected official. Internships in local, state, and Federal offices may be arranged to fit the interests of the student. Student must be in good academic standing.

197 Special Study
An independent study or research course for students whose needs are not met by the regular course offerings of the department. Permission of instructor and department chairperson required.

199 Honors-Special Study
An independent study or research course for upper division majors with a B average in government. Permission of the instructor and department chairperson required.