Pope Observations by Brother Charles Hilken Prompt Contra Costa Times Op-Ed, CBS-5, AP Interviews

Observations from papal history expert Brother Charles Hilken about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI appeared in local and national news outlets this weekend. The Saint Mary's history professor, and chair of the Cummins Institute, also appeared on the KPIX-TV/CBS-5 Sunday morning news show with anchors Phil Matier and Anne Mackovec to discuss Benedict's decision to resign.

Brother Charles discusses Pope Benedict XVI's historic resignation on CBS-5's Sunday morning news show on Feb. 17,2013.Brother Charles also penned an op-ed by about the record and legacy of the pope, which was published in the opinion pages of the Sunday, Feb. 17 editions of the Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune.  Hilken's guest commentary appeared both online and in print. The online version appears with the title of "The scholar pope has achieved a mixed record" and in print as "Pope’s impact on church both good, detrimental."   The commentary explored Benedict's achievements, areas where his guidance of the church caused confusion and his legacy.

Additionally, the Associated Press story "Could The Next Pope Come From The United States?", which featured perspectives from Brother Charles and other Vatican scholars on the likelihood of an American-born pontiff, was carried in more than 300 news outlets across the nation.

Watch the KPiX-TV / CBS-5 Interview

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Date of Mention: 
Sunday, February 17, 2013