Precautionary Message on the Upcoming Mehserle Verdict

Dear Saint Mary's Community,

As you maybe aware, the Johannes Mehserle hearing in Los Angeles is drawing to a close and a decision is imminent. The City of Oakland is sending out precautionary messages to its citizens in the event that a verdict results in civil unrest. I am writing you today to encourage those of you who are advising or employing student groups on campus to please be aware of the unfolding events in the coming days and weeks. Some of us are working with students who have internships in the City and return to campus every day to work or reside. Others advise students in research or scholarly work. We have student athletes working camps and juvenile participants in overnight camps. A civil protest in Oakland could impact transportation, some routine business and availability of services. Please consider whether it would that impact your students, your business on campus or the endeavors of your offices?

Though Moraga seems removed from the unfolding events that are happening in Los Angeles and Oakland, please help us keep our students aware and safe. This is not a message to discourage our students from activism or pursuit of social justice but an urge to be aware, safe, and socially responsible.

There is timely information on the BART website that may be helpful to those of you who are regular users. If you have any particular student concerns, please don't hesitate to give me a call or send me a note.


Jane Camarillo, VP

Incident Management Team

(925) 631-4524