Preparing for Emergencies: Advice for Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Dear Saint Mary’s Community,

Today is the one-month anniversary of the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut. Although we hope we will never experience a similar incident on our campus, we should remain prepared by following the advice offered at this Public Safety website.

The College has developed an Incident Management Response system, including a team of College personnel who would respond to incidents such as that of an active shooter on campus. If such an incident were to occur on campus, we would use the Gael Alert system to communicate to members of our campus community regarding steps to take. If you have not enrolled your contact information in Gael Alert, you can do so through GaelXpress and I would encourage you to provide at least one reliable phone number to receive alerts from the College.

The College continues to take action on measures that would keep our community safe. Last summer, Facilities Services installed locks on all classrooms that would allow them to be secured from the inside. Additionally, Public Safety staff regularly review and reinforce their training on how to respond to an active shooter on campus and other emergency scenarios.

As you review the tips provided on the Public Safety site, please rehearse what you would do if you were in a classroom, in your office or on campus if you received an alert from Gael Alert. Being prepared is often the best defense in any emergency situation.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Jane Camarillo ( or Adán Tejada (director of Public Safety,

Jane Camarillo
Incident Management Team