Presence ~ Practicing Mindfulness and Care in the Midst of Action

A public workshop held at Saint Mary's College
With Donald Rothberg, Ph.D. & Ken Otter, Ph.D.

Saturday, April 6, 1 – 4:30pm
Faculty/Staff Lounge, SMC campus
Cost: $25; $15 for SMC students, staff, faculty, and alumni
Registration and payment

In this afternoon workshop, you learn practices that develop presence, which lives at the heart of skillful living and leadership. Together we will engage such as questions as:

  • How do we bring presence, awareness, embodiment, compassion, and authenticity into our service and action in the world?
  • What regular practices help us to develop such qualities?
  • What are the challenges to manifesting these qualities in the midst of action?

Through silent practice, short talks, conversations, and interactive exercises, you will learn about (1) developing and maintaining regular mindfulness practices to cultivate presence and care; (2) bringing these capacities into action and leadership; and (3) focusing concretely on a developing presence and care in the midst of speech and communication as a foundational capacity for leadership.

This workshop is open to all, with or without previous mindfulness experience, who are interested in learning mindfulness and how to incorporate it in everyday action in work and life.

Donald Rothberg, Ph.D. Donald Rothberg, Ph.D. is a member of the Teachers Council at Spirit Rock Center in California and formerly at the University of Kentucky, Kenyon College, and Saybrook Graduate School. Donald writes and teaches on mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation, spirituality and psychology, and the application of mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom teachings to speech and communication, working with conflict, social service, leadership, and social action. He has been significantly influenced by Buddhism and various other spiritual traditions, particularly Jewish, Christian, and indigenous. Donald is the author of The Engaged Spiritual Life.
Ken Otter, Ph.D. Ken Otter, Ph.D. brings over 25 years of professional experience cultivating transformative learning and change in individuals, small groups, and organizations in the US and internationally. This work is grounded in his life-long personal inquiry on the interplay between inner and outer change and how this interplay enters into one's everyday work and life, and into the designs of organizational and institutional life. Presently, Ken is Director of Leadership Studies Programs at Saint Mary's College, and has been engaged in the practice of mindfulness and personal and social change for over twenty years.