President’s Update on Campus Violence and Sexual Harassment Concerns

Dear Saint Mary’s Community,

Recent discussions with a small campus group that has raised concerns about Saint Mary’s College’s processes and responsiveness for dealing with violence and sexual harassment have been productive. 

Vice President for Student Life and Title IX Coordinator Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht met with a group of students and key stakeholders to review and improve the reporting of and case management for Title IX-related complaints, campus climate around sexual assault and harassment, communications, and training and education for our community around these critical issues. Through dialogue and shared understanding we are reviewing and updating current policies and procedures over the next weeks. We and the group agreed to communicate next steps by May 25th.

Although there is not an imminent threat or triggering incident, we are working together to ensure Saint Mary’s College remains a safe environment to live, work, and study; a respectful campus that is free of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and all forms of discrimination.

I encourage everyone—students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, and community members—to report any potential threats, violations, or concerns here. Resources, services, and assistance support related to Title IX may be accessed by clicking here and here.

If you have not had the opportunity to read Vice President Garrison-Engbrecht’s previous communications on these concerns, they may be accessed here and here.

I thank all those involved for working together toward positive outcomes. Through our collective effort, we can ensure Saint Mary’s remains a positive living, learning, and work environment for our entire community. 

Best regards,

Richard Plumb, PhD