College Council


The College Council is charged with addressing strategic issues and priorities facing the College that are not routinely addressed by College committees and making recommendations to the appropriate College official about strategic decisions and directions for the College. 

Members of the College Council

The Council’s membership, drawn from the major areas of the College, shall consist of the following members:

Richard Plumb

Executive Vice President and Provost
Corey Cook

Vice President for Enrollment and Communications
Michael Beseda

Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Advancement
Patrick Carew

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Susan Collins

Vice President for Student Life
Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics
Mike Matoso

Vice President for Facilities
Sarah Speron

Vice President for Mission
Frances Sweeney

Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Evette Castillo Clark

Special Advisor to the President
Brother Thomas Jones, FSC

Executive Assistant to the President
David Ford

Vice Provost for Student Academics
Aeleah Soine (Interim)

Dean of the Core
Steve Miller (Interim)

Dean, Kalmanovitz School of Education
Carol Gittens

Dean, Library and Academic Resources
Lauren MacDonald

Dean, School of Economics and Business Administration
Elizabeth Davis

Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Sheila Hassell Hughes

Dean, School of Science
Roy Wensley

Academic Senate Chair
Aaron Sachowitz

Academic Senate Vice Chair
Jim Sauerberg

Christian Brother
Brother Charles Hilken, FSC

Chief of Public Safety
Hampton Cantrell

Chief Information Officer
Francisco Chavez

Chief Human Resources Officer
Denise Parish

Staff Representative
Marty Kinsey

Staff Representative
Shannon Meaney-Ryer

Staff Representative
Cesar Ramos

Student Representative
Mason Pera

Administrative Support for the College Council

The Executive Assistant to the President shall provide administrative support for the College Council. 

Frequency of Meetings

The College Council shall meet normally once per month during the academic year, and additionally as necessary. 

Agendas and Minutes

Agenda items shall be solicited from all the Council members and approved by the President.

Minutes shall be taken and posted on the internal SMC website.