Curriculum Vitae

James A. Donahue brings a wealth of scholarly, administrative and teaching experience to the role of 29th president of Saint Mary’s College of California. He began his term on July 1, 2013.


Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA
Ph.D., 1984, Religious Social Ethics
Dissertation: Character and the Ethics of Organizations: Toward a Theory of Institutional Moral Agency

Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ
M.Div., 1972, Religion and Society

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
A.B., 1969, Political Science

Administrative Appointments

Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA

President and Professor of Ethics
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Director, Ethics Project
McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Co-Director, Educational Mission and Liberal Arts Project
University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

Assistant Director
Center for Ethics & Social Policy, Berkeley, CA

Academic Appointments

Professor of Ethics, GTU Core Doctoral Faculty
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics (tenured)
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Professor of Ethics
Institute for Political Journalism, Washington, DC
Responsibility for designing, implementing, and teaching an intensive academic and internship eight-week summer program for college students in journalism ethics in the context of the political environment of Washington, DC. The program is offered jointly by Georgetown University and the Fund for American Studies.

1996-2001 (summers)
Visiting Professor
Marymount University, Arlington, VA
Co-taught faculty seminars on "Ethics Across the Curriculum."

Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Assistant Professor of Religious Social Ethics
University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

Lecturer in Moral Theology
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Instructor in Religion and Society
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

1976-1979 (summers)
Coordinator of Faculty
Institute of Religious Education, Boston College, Boston, MA

Lecturer in Theological Ethics
Boston College, Boston, MA

Courses Taught

Graduate Theological Union Teagle Wabash Preparing Future Faculty Project
Ethics and Leadership
History of Social Theory
Comparative Religious Ethics
Theological Method
History of Christian Thought
Religion and Politics
Business Ethics
Ethics and Organization
Foundations of Moral Theology
Conscience and Authority
Love and Justice
Religion and Social Theory
Sociology of Religion
History of Ethics
Introduction to Religious Ethics
Christian Perspectives on War and Peace
Ethics and the Professions
Sexual Ethics
Ethics and the Media

Executive Experience

Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA

President and Professor of Ethics
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Chief Executive Officer of a major graduate university comprised of nine graduate schools of theology, seven research centers and academic program units, the largest and most extensive theological library in the United States, and joint degree programs and affiliation with the University of California at Berkeley.

The Graduate Theological Union (GTU) is constituted as a structurally and financially integrated consortium for the academic study of religion. Its member schools represent the major Protestant denominations (Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Methodist, Unitarian-Universalist), three Roman Catholic traditions (Jesuit, Franciscan, Dominican), and major world religions (Center for Islamic Studies, Center for Jewish Studies, Center for Orthodox Studies, Center for Buddhist Studies).

The GTU offers the Ph.D., Th.D., and M.A. degrees in theology and religious studies, as well as provides academic programs for the Master of Divinity degree in preparation for religious ministry. The curriculum and research throughout the GTU represent the full range of academic specialties in theology and religion (scripture, historical studies, philosophy and theology, ethics, art and religion, religion and science, comparative religious traditions, liturgical studies, interdisciplinary studies, historical and cultural studies of religion).

Responsibilities entail the oversight and coordination of an extraordinarily complex set of organizational relationships and structures. Primary responsibilities include oversight of a 135-member faculty in ten theological disciplines and management of the structural collaboration among the consortial schools and with the University of California at Berkeley. Specific responsibilities include overall administration and development of the consortial enterprise, strategic planning, and oversight of academic programs, all shared consortial services across member schools, and the common library. Management of a staff of 45 including direct supervision of the vice presidents of finance, development, library, and academic affairs and an annual budget of approximately $9 million. Select accomplishments include:

  • Developed Board-approved long-term sustainability plan for the GTU Common Enterprise and the consortium (2010–2012)
  • Played lead role in securing fundraising revenues of $1–2 million per year from individual donors and foundation grant support (2002–2011)
  • Played lead role in successful $12 million GTU Capital Campaign (2005–2010)
  • Chaired the Alternative Futures Task Force for the GTU (2007–2009)
  • Planned and secured revenue for the creation of the GTU Center for Islamic Studies (2007)
  • Developed and strengthened GTU Board of Trustees
  • Profiled and strengthened GTU programs in Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, and Asian religions and cultures
  • Led Financial Planning Task Force on the Future of the GTU (2006–2007)
  • Developed a high-performing and long-term administrative leadership team
  • Created and led an institution-wide strategic planning process (2003–2005)
  • Focused institutional mission, vision, and priorities; developed consensus around these among key constituencies (2001–2002)

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Professor of Ethics
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Chief student affairs officer responsible for all campus activities related to the care and co-curricular education of 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students and creation and maintenance of an environment consistent with the educational goals of the university. Recruited from the Georgetown faculty to address the divide that existed between the academic and extracurricular dimensions of the educational experience of Georgetown students.

Responsible for direct management and oversight of 12 departments and 235 employees with an annual budget of $23 million. Departmental reports include: athletics, residence life, conduct and off-campus affairs, community service, external relations, public safety, student programs, learning services, student health, counseling and psychiatry, health education, career services, minority student affairs. Served as chair/member of select university policy committees (Campus Planning, Community Relations, Faculty Senate, Council of Deans, President's Cabinet, Alumni Relations, Board of Regents); search committees (university provost, dean of the nursing school, Connelly Professor of Business Ethics, vice president for community relations, vice president for university finance, director of administrative services, vice president for development); and task forces (Jesuit Identity, Intellectual Life, First Year Experience, Graduate Education).

Additional responsibilities included managing and coordinating university relations with the Washington, DC, community, particularly around issues of strategic growth for the university and the impact of student life on neighboring communities. Also responsible for management and oversight of critical and often-controversial university issues: free speech, gender issues, issues of human sexuality, race relations, public safety, student health, risk analysis, honor code infractions, sexual harassment, sexual assault, institutional religious identity. Select contributions include:

  • Developed strategic plan for the Department of Student Affairs and led implementation phase of the plan in conjunction with the university's master plan
  • Developed and facilitated strategic planning process for the Council of Deans from 1997–1999 (deans of the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Foreign Service, School of Languages and Linguistics, School of Business, Graduate School, and School for Continuing Education)
  • Directed administrative and budgetary restructuring of the Department of Student Affairs to reduce operating and personnel costs by 10 percent in 1996–1997
  • Provided leadership and response to continually emerging issues in student and institutional life
  • Responsible for $35 million goal in Georgetown's $750 million capital campaign to secure funding for Georgetown's strategic priorities in financial aid, community service initiatives, residence life, performing arts, and co-curricular programming
  • Developed safety-net program of health service providers to insure effective monitoring of at-risk students and to coordinate a response team for crisis management
  • Oversaw design, planning, finances, and construction of 800-bed residence hall complex

Other Administrative Experience & Consultations

Commissioner, Commission Vice-Chair, 2011–2012
Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities

Elected to three terms on Regional Accrediting Commission. Participated in or chaired commission committees: Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment; Accrediting of For-Profit Educational Institutions; Structural Change and Institutional Status; Religious Colleges, Mission and Accreditation; Access and Affordability in Higher Education.

Seminar on Religion, Morality, and the Professions
University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN

Invited participant in two-year Lilly Foundation-sponsored project to explore intersections of religion and ethics in a wide range of professions in American life—business, law, medicine, journalism, education. Wrote working paper on "The Ethics of Policy-Making Professionals" for internal distribution.

Teaching the Teachers of Ethics in the Defense Acquisition Ethics Program
Department of Defense, Washington, DC

Planned and conducted training in ethics for teachers who teach ethics to military purchasing and acquisition officers.

Consultant on Ethics in Institutional Advancement
Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Washington, DC

Planned and implemented seminars on Ethics in Advancement for senior professionals in higher education; assisted in development of standards of professional responsibility for advancement officers.

Director, Ethics Project
School of Business Administration, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Planned, coordinated, and implemented program in business ethics at both undergraduate and graduate level; responsible for curriculum development, faculty education program, budget planning and administration, and direction of a five-person research team.

Consultant on Strategic Planning and Organizational Values
Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

Facilitated management team in developing strategies and policies on issues of ethical and legal sensitivity; coordinated organizational policy formation with mission and goal objectives.

Consultant on Institutional Mission and Policy Formation
Catholic Health Association of the United States, St. Louis, MO

Worked with management teams and trustee boards of member health care facilities in planning and implementation of organizational mission statements; coordinated planning group to formulate theological foundations of Catholic health care for member associations.

Co-Director, Management Ethics Seminars
Levi Strauss Corporation, San Francisco, CA

Coordinated a two-year management seminar on topics in business ethics with senior management.

Assistant Director
Center for Ethics & Social Policy, Berkeley, CA

Planned, researched, and implemented projects in ethics and public policy-related issues; developed programs in professional ethics (business, law, government, medicine).

Co-Director, Educational Mission and Liberal Arts Project
University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

Coordinated project in curriculum planning and liberal arts education; formulated criteria for institutional mission and purpose (research).

Consultant on Institutional Planning
Catholic Health Association of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Developed and conducted one-year seminar program with statewide trade association on issues in medical ethics, corporate identity, and organizational planning on value issues.

Awards and Honors

Bunn Award for Faculty Excellence
College of Arts and Sciences Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Selected Georgetown College Teacher of the Year

Spring 1993
Georgetown University Distinguished Professor at the Smithsonian Institution
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Bannon Research Fellowship
University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

Scholarly and Professional Work

Current Research and Writing

Book manuscript: Organizational Character: Studies in the Ethics of Institutions

Publications: Books

Ethics Across the Curriculum: A Practice-Based Approach. Co-authored with Michael Boylan (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2003).

Religion, Ethics and the Common Good. Co-editor with Mary Theresa Moser, R.S.C.J. (Mystic, CT: Twenty-Third Publications, 1996).

Publications: Articles and Chapters

"Global Ethics in the Academy: Islamic Studies and Jewish Studies in Dialogue," in The Morality and Global Justice Reader. Edited by Michael Boylan. (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2011).

"Michael Boylan on Religion and Ethics: An Appreciative Theological Assessment," in Morality and Justice: Reading Boylan's A Just Society. Gordon, John-Stewart. (New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2009).

"Where Religion Faculty Meet Students' Worlds: Lessons from the GTU Preparing Future Faculty Project," Religion & Education, vol. 32, no. 2 (Summer 2009): 1–4).

"What the Pope Will See in America," op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle (April 15, 2008).

"Can Religion Make a Difference in Politics?" op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle (August 27, 2008).

"Studying Islam for a More Peaceful World," op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle (November 6, 2007). Co-written with Dr. Munir Jiwa.

"Teaching Theology for the Future," New Horizons in Theology: The Annual Publication of the College Theology Society, vol. 50. Edited by Terrence W. Tilley (2004): 244–53.

"Living Peacefully in a Time of Turmoil," Greater Good, vol. I, issue 1 (Spring 2004): 36.

"Finding Time for Ethical Practice," in The Church in the 21st Century: Occasional Papers (Boston College Online Publication, 2004).

"Ethics—Antidote to Scandal," op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle (December 25, 2003).

"Situating the Common Good in Contemporary Moral Discourse," in Religion, Ethics and the Common Good. Co-editor with Mary Theresa Moser, R.S.C.J. (Mystic, CT: Twenty-Third Publications, 1996).

"Coming to Terms: Ethical Reflections on the Body's Limitations," in Ethics in Sports Medicine. Edited by Richard M. Zaner (Chicago: Reimer Martins, 1996).

"The Ethical Context of Fund Raising," in The Ethics of Asking. Edited by Deni Eliott (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994).

"Jesuit Education and the Cultivation of Virtue," in Jesuit Education and the Cultivation of Virtue. Edited by William O'Brien (Washington: Georgetown University Press, 1990), 53–71. Reprinted in Thought, vol. 67, no. 265 (June, 1992).

"Ethics and Foundation Fund Raising: The Search for Moral Standards," in Cultivating Foundation Support for Education. Edited by Mary Kay Murphy (Washington: Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, 1989), 1–8.

"The Changing Ethical Challenges to Catholic Health Care," in Growing Pains: Demands on Healthcare Trustees. Edited by Robert Stephens (St. Louis: Catholic Health Association of the United States, 1988), 19–33.

"Religious Institutions as Moral Agents: Toward an Ethics of Organizational Character," in Issues in the Labor-Management Dialogue: Church Perspectives. Edited by Adam J. Maida (St. Louis: Catholic Health Association of the United States, 1984), 139–59.

"Conglomerates," in The New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought. Edited by Judith A. Dwyer (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 1994).

"Environmental Ethics and Contemporary Moral Discourse," in The College Theology Society Annual, 1991. Edited by Michael Barnes (Spring 1991).

"Does Religion Make a Difference in Business Ethics? A Roman Catholic Response to the Consolidated Foods Case," The Journal of Business Ethics vol. 10 (1991): 819–32.

"Ethics and Institutions: A Review Essay," Religious Studies Review, (January, 1991).

"The Use of Virtue and Character in Applied Ethics," Horizons, vol. 17, no. 2 (1990): 228–43.

"Narrative Ethics and a Theology of Love: A Review Essay of The Limits of Love by Gilbert Meilaender," Bioethics Books, vol. 1 (1989): 12–19.

"Careerism and the Ethics of Autonomy: A Theological Response," Horizons vol. 15 (1988): 316–36.

"The Social Theology of John Paul II and His Understanding of Social Institutions," Social Thought, vol. XIII, no. 2/3, (Spring/Summer 1987): 20–33.

"Ethics and Fund Raising: Dispelling the Myths, Confronting the Realties," Fund Raising Management (April, 1991).

"Ethics in the Fund Raising Profession," Currents (The Journal of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education), vol. XIII, no. 1, (January, 1987).

Publications: Research Reports

"Ethics and the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Report to the Dean and Faculty." A Summary and Analysis of the Undergraduate Curriculum of the Georgetown University School of Business Administration, 1989.

Select Presentations, Papers and Speeches


"Trends in Undergraduate Higher Education: Shifting Patterns, New Paradigms," presentation to the Georgetown College Board of Advisors, Washington, DC

"Perspectives on the Implications of International Accreditation for the Mission of Regional Accrediting Commissions," presentation to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, Santa Monica, CA

"An Overview of the Status of Assessment at WASC," presentation to the Annual Meeting of the ARC of WASC, Costa Mesa, CA

"Joining Forces: Three Models of Institutional Collaboration," presentation with Janet Clark, Tyndale University College and Seminary, and D. Newell Williams, Brite Divinity School, at the Association of Theological Schools Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN

"The Ethics and Spiritualities of Social Entrepreneurship," presentation to World Presidents Association, San Francisco, CA

"The Ethics of Identity," lecture on Emerging Themes in Christian Ethics, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

"The Ethics of Organizations," lecture on Emerging Themes in Christian Ethics, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

"Morality in Social Life: The Bible and Social Ethics," lecture on Perspectives in Religious Thought, American Baptist Seminary of the West, Berkeley, CA

Introduction of Dr. Robert Bellah, Elliott Professor Emeritus of Sociology, UC Berkeley, 2012 Surjit Singh Lecture in Comparative Religious Thought and Culture: "Can Religion Meet the Challenge of Human Evolution?" Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

"Honoring the Career of Michael J. Buckley, S.J.," Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University, Berkeley, CA

"Interreligious Education in Theological Seminaries," presentation to the leadership of Baptist Churches in Bay Area, Oakland, CA


"Religious Narratives at the Bedside at the End of Life," Washington Hospital Symposium on BioEthics at the Bedside, Fremont, CA

"Religious Responses to Poverty: Christian, Jewish, and Islamic Perspectives," Saint Anthony Foundation Forum, San Francisco, CA

"Building Religious Bridges: Honoring the Work of Harlan Stelmach," Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

"Religious Colleges and Accreditation: Sorting Out the Issues," Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Oakland, CA

Perspectives on "Let Me Down Easy" by Anna Deveare Smith, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Berkeley, CA

"Theological Education and Interfaith Education," Council for a Parliament of World Religions / The Henry Luce Foundation Forum, New York, NY


"Ethics and Religious Institutions of Higher Education: Beginning the Journey," Inaugural Convocation Address, Zaytuna College, Berkeley, CA

"The Role of Interreligious Education in Interfaith Dialogue," Forum on Critical Issues, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

"The Role of Mormon Studies in Christian Theological Education," Forum on Critical Issues, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

"Disabilities in Theological Education," A Ramp Is Not Enough: Conference on Disabilities, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

"Paving the Future for Sustainability in Graduate Education," address at Campaign Gala, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

"Catholic Jewish Relations USA–Poland," presentation to Bishop of Krakow, Poland, as part of San Francisco–Krakow, Poland, Sister Cities initiative, San Francisco, CA

"The 'Efficiencies' of Consortia in Theological Education," Conference for Theological Directors of Consortia, Association of Theological Schools, Boston, MA

"Response to Living into Leadership: A Journey in Ethics: Response to Author Bowen H. McCoy," McCoy Lecture, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

"Finding the Path to Sustainability in Challenging Economic Times," Board of Trustees, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA


"Where Religion Faculty Meet Students' Worlds: Lessons from the GTU Preparing Future Faculty Program," Teaching Religion Section, American Academy of Religion 2008 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

"Religion and Politics and the Public Square," presentation to the Berkeley Breakfast Club, Berkeley, CA

"Religion, Ethics and Civic Education," presentation to the Faculty of Gill St. Bernard's School, Gladstone, NJ

"Introduction to Moral Theology," Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Holy Spirit Parish, Berkeley, CA

"From Wellness to Courage: Ethics, Values, and Decision-Making in a Morally Conflicted World," Torchiana, Mastrov & Sapiro, Saratoga, CA


"Ethics, Leadership, and Corporate Cultures," CHO Group, Scottsdale, AZ


"Faith in Politics," KQED public radio interview, Stephanie Martin, San Francisco, CA

"The Role of Religion in the Public Square," The U.S.-Islamic World Forum, Doha, Qatar


"Christianity and Islam: What Religious Differences Mean in Your Everyday Life," presentation to Catholics at Work, Danville, CA

"Bringing East European Jewish History into the American Jewish Classroom," presentation to the Advisory Board, Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, San Francisco, CA

"Religious Ethics and the Common Good: An American Perspective," Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

"Interfaith Dialogue and the Global Future," Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

"Christian Ethics and American Culture: The Challenges of Sexuality," International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

"Ethics, Religion, and the Common Good," presentation to the Berkeley City Commons Club, Berkeley, CA

"The Public Voice of the Graduate Theological Union," Graduate Theological Union, Major Donor Luncheon, Berkeley, CA

"Religious Faith for a Multicultural Society," presentation at the Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA


"Putting the Boats Back in the Water: The Possibilities of Interfaith Dialogue," Graduate Theological Union and Beth Chaim Congregation, Danville, CA

"Christian Theology and the State of Israel: Taking a Step Back to Analyze the Moral and Historical Perspectives of Different Denominations," presentation to the Jewish Community Relations Council, San Francisco, CA


"From Wellness to Courage: Ethics, Values, and Decision-Making in a Morally Conflicted World," presentation to the World Presidents Organization, Monterey, CA

"Ethics, Values, and Decision-Making in a Morally Confusing World," Faculty Development Workshop, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools, Gladstone, NJ

"Practical Ethics: Recognizing and Confronting Ethical Issues in Management," ABL Healthcare Northern California Roundtable, San Francisco, CA

"Teaching Theology for the Future," College Theology Society, Plenary Panel: New Horizons in Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, Washington, DC

"What Kind of Theological Education Is Necessary for the Future?" Plenary Address, College Theology Society, Washington, DC

"Religion, the Culture Wars, and the Election of 2004," presentation to the Rossmoor Democratic Club, Berkeley, CA

"Finding Time for Ethical Practice," The Church in the 21st Century: Occasional Papers (Boston College), Boston, MA


"Twenty-First Century Business Ethics: Making Good Choices in Challenging Ethical Times," presentation to Torchiana, Mastrov & Sapiro, Saratoga, CA

"Religion and Globalization," presentation to the World Presidents Organization, San Francisco, CA

"Living Peacefully in a Time of Turmoil," presentation at the Center for Peace and Well-Being, University of California–Berkeley, Berkeley, CA


"Faithful/Fateful Encounters: Religion and Cultural Exchanges between Asia and the West," Welcome and Introductory Remarks, Graduate Theological Union and the Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China


"What Ought We to Do? Who Ought We to Be? The Ethics of Theological Education," Inaugural Address, Presidential Inauguration, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

"Commencing with Virtue," Commencement Address, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, CA

Grants Received/Sponsored Research

"Graduate Theological Union Preparing Future Faculty Project"
Taught twelve GTU doctoral students and coordinated twelve GTU faculty mentors who participated in the Preparing Future Faculty Project. Funded by the Teagle Foundation and the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Religion and Theology.

"Ethics Across the Curriculum"
Created and taught a three-year faculty seminar at Marymount University, Arlington, VA, on incorporating ethics into courses and curriculum throughout the College of Arts and Sciences.

"The Ethos of Policy Analysts: An Ethnographic Study of Selected Policy Analysts in Washington, DC, 1993–5"
Funded by the Lilly Foundation as part of the "Religion, Morality, and the Professions in America" project at the Poynter Center, The University of Indiana at Bloomington.

Research Project: "The Concept of Ethos and the Foundations of Professional Ethics"
Research Grant from the Jesuit Institute at Boston College. Award of $6,000.

"A Study of Ethics of Institutional Advancement in Higher Education"
Two grants, one from the Lilly Foundation (Indianapolis, IN), another from the Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, MI), for funding of a three-year research project conducted jointly by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Washington, D.C., and the Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. 1990–1993. Total grant amount: $320,000. Primary drafter of the grant proposals and an organizing principal of the research team.

"The California Food Policy Project: Shaping the Food Industry in California"
A California Council of the Humanities grant brought together forty representatives of the various sectors of the food industry in California (farmers, labor, processing and packaging companies, international food conglomerates, government policy makers, consumers, association members, academic scholars in the humanities) to develop a comprehensive policy for food production in the state. Served as Chair of the Humanities component with responsibility for conceptualizing and convening the academic and scholarly input of the project.

Other Professional Experience

Assistant Chaplain and Lecturer in Theology
Boston College, Boston, MA
Provided individual and group counseling; taught courses in religious ethics; conducted university planning and programming around issues of values and education; conducted liturgical services, preaching and worship.

Research Associate Project on Legislative Redistricting
Department of Community Affairs Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Probation Officer
Malden District Court, Malden, MA

Instructor in Religion and Head Basketball Coach
Stuart Country Day School, Princeton, NJ

Professional Associations

American Academy of Religion; Convener, Business and Organizational Ethics Section
Society of Christian Ethics
Catholic Theological Society of America
College Theology Society; Convener of Ethics Section, 1990–1993
Society for Values in Higher Education
Association of Professional and Practical Ethics
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

Community and External Leadership

Advisory Board
Taube Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture, San Francisco, CA

Advisory Board
Luce Program on Religion and Global Civil Society, Orfalea Center for Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Sister Cities Committee
Chair, Religious Leadership Initiative
San Francisco–Krakow, Poland, Sister Cities Initiative, San Francisco, CA

Board of Trustees
World Affairs Council of Northern California, San Francisco, CA

Leadership Roundtable on Church Management
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Board of Trustees
School of Applied Theology, Berkeley, CA

Board of Trustees
Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute, Berkeley, CA

Board of Directors
Member of the Development Committee
Perry School Community Services Center, Washington, DC

Parents Advisory Committee
Chair of the Sports Committee

Holy Trinity School, Washington, DC

Class Coordinator and Co-Chair Twenty-Fifth Reunion Committee (keynote speaker)
Alumni Association, The College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

Advisory Board
Center for Ethics & Social Policy, Berkeley, CA

Board of Directors
Jesuit Volunteer Corps, East Philadelphia, PA