Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, invited by President Donahue, is providing leadership for the project.

Meetings and Notes

Spring-Summer 2014

February 10

March 5

The Steering Committee met for a presentation by Kevin Crockett, President and CEO of Noel-Levitz, on college affordability and sustainability.  They vetted the presentation and discussed the topic before Mr. Crockett gave a similar presentation to the Board of Trustees at its annual retreat on March 14-16, 2014.

March 19

April 16

June 10


James Donahue, President
Berna Aksu, Graduate Business Program
Hope Blain, ASSMC Vice President for Administration
Hernan Bucheli, Vice Provost for Enrollment & Communications
Joseph Buenavista, Alumni Association Board of Directors
Valerie Burke, Academic Senate Representative
Jane Camarillo, Vice Provost for Student Life
Richard Carp, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academics    
Bethami Dobkin, Provost and Academic Vice President    
Rena Fischer ’99, Regent
David Ford, Executive Assistant to the President
Peter Greco, Chief Technology Officer
Brother Charles Hilken, FSC ‘78, Christian Brother/Trustee
Brother Thomas Jones, FSC ‘69, Christian Brother/Trustee
Jane Joyce MA ‘07, Staff Council Representative
Claude Malary, Academic Senate Representative
Peter Michell, Vice President for Finance
Lisa Moore '96, Interim Vice President for Development
Rand Morimoto MBA ’93, Trustee
Mark Orr, Athletic Director
Chris Sindt, Vice Provost for Graduate & Professional Programs
Carole Swain, Vice President for Mission
Gregg Thomson, Director of Institutional Research
Corliss Watkins, College Committee on Inclusive Excellence, Co-Chair