Reports on Energy Drink Study by School of Science Summer Research Students

School of Science Professor Vidya Chandrasekaran with junior Slesha Thapa. The third-year student worked with the biology professor and two other SMC students on a summer research project examining the impact of energy drinks on human tissue. has reported on research conducted by School of Science Professor Vidya Chandrasekaran and three of her summer science research students; recent alumnus Wayne Doyle '11 and current students Eric Shide '13 and Slesha Thapa '14.

In the article "The Bizarre Reason To Skip The Energy Drink," Prevention notes Chandrasekaran and her team found that energy drinks can delay the healing time of wounds in animal cells.  Read the story

For a longer story on the research, read "Top energy drink delays 'wound closure': US study."

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, August 9, 2012