Pro-Life Feminist Serrin Foster Lectures At Saint Mary's

In a lecture titled "The Feminist Case Against Abortion" Serrin Foster addressed a crowd of more than 150 students, faculty, staff and members of the Bay Area's Catholic community in the Soda Center.

Serrin Foster
Founded in early feminist philosophy, Foster's organization strives to provide young women with unwanted pregnancies with alternative solutions to abortions. "I'm not here to condemn those who have had abortions. I'm saying we need a plan to get us to do better. Women deserve better." Foster said.

In her March 9 speech, the president of Feminists for Life of America (FFL) highlighted her organization's mission to provide pregnant women with the necessary resources and support so they will never have to choose between themselves and their child. Foster stated FFL does not concern itself with issues of abortion legalization or contraceptives. It focuses on giving women better choices than abortion.

Foster stressed the importance of women-centered solutions to abortion that eliminate its root causes. Devoted to a mission that leaves no woman behind, Foster called for a return to the ideals of feminism's foremothers - whom she said condemned abortion - and to uphold them in the 21st century.

Foster encouraged college campuses to reach out to pregnant students and transform their communities to embrace pro-life reforms. "Half of all abortions are performed on college-age girls, and there is no place for a pregnant woman on campus. Where is the maternity care? How can she get pregnant and manage? How can the community help? There needs to be a visible show of options on campus."

Emma Hill, a Saint Mary's sophomore, was inspired by Foster's speech. "It was really interesting, few people focus on the causes instead of the laws of abortion and fewer actually focus on the rights of the woman," said Hill.

Maria Sitzmann, president of the student club Respect Life, organized Foster's visit and expressed support for her ideas. "Our club wants to support a culture of life and awareness on campus," said Sitzmann, a 22-year-old senior.

Foster's lecture struck a chord with audience members drawing applause from members of the Respect Life club, Saint Mary's community members and visitors from the surrounding area.

Alixandra Syragakis '11
College Communications