Preparing You to Think Globally
Challenging You to Lead Responsibly 

There are three types of courses, listed below. The course descriptions provide more detailed information about specific courses, as well as a link to the upcoming class schedule.

Foundation Courses: You will gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful in advanced graduate business courses. You must meet the requirements for all seven foundation courses; however, you may qualify to have these courses waived based on previous academic work. 

Core Courses: You will develop your ability to analyze business information, understand business functional areas, and be a responsible leader. You must meet the requirements for all eight courses. However, if you have taken similar post-graduate courses in another MBA program, you may qualify for transfer credits equaling up to eight quarter-units (typically two courses).

Concentration Courses: You can earn a general management degree by completing three courses from any of the concentrations or you can tailor your MBA to your career goal by selecting a concentration in finance, marketing, business analytics, international management or entrepreneurship.