Top 10 Tips When Considering an MBA

Exploring the option of getting your MBA?  Consider the following...

10.  On average, individuals with Master’s degrees have higher income levels and lower unemployment rates than individuals with Bachelor’s degrees. In fact, a recent study reveals that nearly 75% of businesses are planning to hiring MBAs this year.

9.  Stay current. As of June 2012, the GMAT added a new section titled “Integrated Reasoning,” which measures your ability to analyze data. If possible, take the GMAT early while the information from your undergraduate education is still fresh.

8.  Weigh all your options. When selecting an MBA program, consider admission requirements, cost, scholarship availability, class size and, most importantly, what “fits” you.

7. Consider who you are learning from. Look for faculty who are practitioners and available to provide you with personalized attention.

6.  Take your undergraduate business classes seriously. Look for programs that will allow you to waive courses, which will help save you time and money.

5.  Get sound advice. Schedule one-on-one time with an admissions advisor at your prospective school early. Learn how to tailor your application to what they are looking for.

4.  Make your admissions essay pop! The most engaging and compelling essays tell a story and have a clear focus.  Don’t forget to get 3-5 sets of eyes to proof your essay before submitting.

3.  Balance is key. Look for an MBA program that allows you to balance work, school and family.

2.  Help is available. Explore numerous options for financial aid and available scholarships.

1.  It’s not too late. Saint Mary’s is accepting applications for our Professional MBA Program with classes beginning in October.

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