Professor Álvaro Ramírez’ Postcards from a PostMexican is a finalist in the International Latino Book Awards.

Professor Álvaro Ramírez’ Postcards from a PostMexican has been chosen as a finalist in the category of Non-Fiction in the International Latino Book Awards. 

The book is a compilation of short essays that explore critically but with plenty of humor the culture, history and politics of the transnational Mexican communities which reside in Mexico and the United States. 

Excerpt from the book’s “Introduction:”

“For me, the postMexican condition is much more than just recognizing the revolutionary mythology as empty slogans. It's also tied to the massive migration from Mexico to the U.S. during the last fifty years and the process of globalization. The movement of people has impacted greatly both countries, creating transnational communities whose members move relatively freely between the two countries, though they reside much more in the USA. These communities are in a constant process of cultural mixing and remixing that in turn generates new cultures and identities.”

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Prof. Álvaro Ramírez teaches in the Department of World Languages and Cultures. He has taken SMC students to Mexico on January Term travel courses and semester abroad programs for the past 21 years. He is also the author of the collection of short stories Los norteados (2016). You can follow his blog at