Professor ÁLVARO RAMÍREZ publishes a new book

Postcards from a PostMexican chronicles life in a transcultural world that is emerging in Mexico and the United States, the result of one hundred years of migrations, NAFTA, the Internet, and social media. In this world, identities morph, change, and are reinvented at a dizzying pace.


This is the arena of the new actor on the block: the postMexican, who inhabits a transnational space, has moved away from nationalism, and contrasts with the folkloric character that is being slowly relegated to the background in Mexico.

Yet many Mexicans—in particular, migrants in the U.S.— continue to hold on to the old nationalist cultural ways of being. In this sense, these postcards hold up a mirror for us to see the bewildering new reality that is merging two countries, and invites us to reflect on how a new cultural mestizaje is redefining our idea of Mexicanness in the new millennium, both north and south of the border.

Postcards from a PostMexican approaches these issues in a provocative and critical manner. It is a great read from a writer who is a product of transnational fusion with a keen eye for cultural and political nuance, which results in a most entertaining book.

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