Technology Planning & Policy Committee

The TPPC is charged by the President of the College to review proposals and recommend initiatives consistent with the College mission and technology vision and strategic plan; to recommend fiscal priorities to the Cabinet; and to review and recommend institutional technology policies.

TPPC responsibilities include the solicitation of input from the campus community, assessment of the effectiveness of technology operations and planning using measurable benchmarks, and communication to the campus community about technology policy, issues, trends, plans, and decisions.

The "Technology Strategic Plan" link in the right margin will display a page outlining the goals in the 2012 Technology Strategic Plan.

The "TPPC Proposals" link in the right margin is intended to help the SMC community to understand the need for a TPPC project proposal.

The "Technology Policies" link in the right margin serves as an IT-centric view on College-wide policy documentation.

Committee Membership:  TPPC membership has been established with the goal of providing broad and fair representation across campus, while involving people with particular expertise and interest in technology issues.

TPPC Co-chairs: Beth Dobkin, Provost and Peter Greco, CTO

Chair, Educational Technology Group (aka Faculty Technology Group) – Jeff Sigman
Chair, Administrative Technology Subcommittee – Jeanne DeMatteo
Chair IT Infrastructure Subcommittee – Peter Greco
Chair, Web Planning Committee: Elizabeth Smith 

Student Representatives

Associated Students representative

Faculty Representatives (Provost appointment in consultation with Senate Chair)

KSOE – Marguerite Welch
SEBA – Linda Herkenhoff
SOLA – Ed Tywoniak
SOS – Michael Nathanson

Staff Representatives

Academic Administration - Zhan Li, Christopher Sindt
Academic Resources – Pat Kreitz
Enrollment/College Communications – Hernan Buchelli
Finance & Administration – Pete Michell
General Counsel – Larry Nuti (resource staff)
Student Life – Evette Castillo Clark
Advancement – Danielle Harmony
Facilities Services - Michael Viola
Institutional Research - Gregg Thomson
ITS Staff – Lance Hourany, Sheila Pallotta, Dennis Rice, Kim Sullivan 

TPPC Operating Principles:

The full TPPC will meet at least 2 times annually to review recommendations made by its subcommittees, receive annual strategic plan updates, and propose portfolio priorities for ITS.  There are four subcommittees:

  • The Executive Subcommittee (four Subcommittee Chairs);
  • The Educational Technology Group (formerly the Faculty Technology Group);
  • The Administrative Technology Subcommittee (ATS);
  • The Web Planning Committee (WPC)

All Subcommittees should meet at least quarterly in addition to the full TPPC schedule and may include community partners appointed by subcommittee chairs in consultation with the TPPC Chair for defined terms. The CTO will present bi-annual reports, coordinated with the ETG, ATS, and WPC, to the campus community about progress on achieving strategic plan goals.  The TPPC Chair and the CTO are ex-officio members of all subcommittees.

Subcommittee Charges:

Executive Subcommittee:  coordinate the work of the other Subcommittees; act on time-sensitive matters on behalf of the full TPPC; and propose, review, and maintain a process of proposal submission and evaluation.


Beth Dobkin, TPPC Co-chair
Peter Greco, TPPC Co-chair
Jeanne DeMatteo, ATS Chair
Jeff Sigman, ETG Chair
Elizabeth Smith, WPC chair

Educational Technology Group (aka Faculty Technology Group):  provide leadership on advancing digital literacy and technological proficiency among students and faculty, and in providing a forum for reporting and assessing the innovative uses of technology among faculty; propose adoption of learning and research technologies and support; develop and administer process for faculty development grants; advise on academic policies relevant to technology, and determine the appropriates role and support of online/hybrid education. The Faculty Technology Group web site provides more detail, but please note that you will be leaving the Academic Affairs/Provost's pages if you click on this link.


Jeff Sigman, Chair
Carmel Crane
Barry Eckhouse
Maria Grazia de Angelis
Linda Herkenhoff
Pat Kreitz
Wenting Pan
Heidi Marie Rambo
Ed Tywoniak
Marguerite Welch 

Administrative Technology Subcommittee:  propose and assess campus technology and support of administrative functions; initiate and review systems and policies involving administrative technology adoption and use; advise on technology initiatives across administrative units (e.g., residence life, human resources, external relations) and administrative policies relevant to technology.


Jeanne DeMatteo, Chair
Hernan Buchelli
Evette Castillo Clark
Danielle Harmony
Julia Odom
Michael Nathanson
Sheila Pallotta
Gregg Thomson


Web Planning Committee: propose and assess technology and support of the College's Web resources; initiate review and approve systems and policies involving Web technology adoption and use; advise the Office of College Communications and the Cabinet according to the need for brand and marketing message consistency in relation to Web content and application initiatives across all organizational units.


Elizabeth Smith, Chair
Shawny Anderson
Susan Birkenseer
Adriana Botello
Hernan Bucheli
Larisa Genin
Jane Joyce
Sandy Mallalieu
Sheila Pallotta