Independent Research Study

Interested in conducting independent research that you are interested in? See below for more information on how to get started! 

This type of research takes more initiative on the part of the student as the student comes up with a research idea and works on it under a faculty mentor. These research projects/ideas usually come out of the semester-long project you have to do during PSYCH 103. You can work on your own or with a partner of your choosing, so you may be doing more work than the 3-4 person teams. 

If you want to work on individual research talk to your PSYCH 103 (or 03) professor to see if the project is viable. They will tell you if you can expand your research further than the work you are doing during the semester. They should be able to offer further guidance on who could be an appropriate mentor.

You can also create a research project based on your own research interests, and talk to a psychology professor who may have similar research interests/experiences!