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Looking for an internship, part-time job or some volunteer opportunities related to Psychology? You've come to the right place! 

These internships, volunteer and part-time positions are positions past SMC students have held and kindly given us information about to post. Think of this as a starting point for your search; a place to find relevant organizations and get a start on positions that might be available.

Our internships are sorted on these pages by category. Although we categorized these past positions as closely as possible, we encourage you to browse the other categories in case there are positions with strong overlap.

Positions/Experiences by Category

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Check out Adriana Cavazos '15, who participated in a Summer Internship related to Mental Health! 

What was your internship?

"This summer I had the opportunity to intern for the county of Santa Barbara at the Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Clinic (ADMHS) in Santa Maria, California. During my internship I was able to sit in on therapeutic assessments, shadow various mental health professionals (clinicians, psychiatrists, and case workers), help create and direct a weekly art group program for clients with social disorders, and attend regular clinical meetings."

What skills did you learn?

"Working at ADMHS helped me decide which area of mental health I am most interested in, and it also helped me get a better idea of which population I would like to work with in the future. I learned how a clinic runs from intake, scheduling appointments, and following through with treatment plans. In addition, I gained a number of skills which include learning how to maintain a professional relationship with clients, how to conduct myself during important meetings with my peers and superiors, and how the various computer programs associated with maintaining client files work."

How did you get the internship?

"I was able to gain this internship experience by putting myself out there and contacting the supervisor at the clinic to ask if there were any opportunities available for an undergraduate student at their facility (something that my superiors applauded). A strong interest in the mental health field and relative course work/major was required for this type of internship."
Link to Adriana's internship: 


Know of any relevant experiences, positions or opportunities?

We are always looking for new positions to add and list. If you have participated in a Psychology-related experience, or know of an opportunity, please contact us!

Please email Lynyonne Cotton with your position or simply to see if the position you know of is relevant. You may also contact the department chair, Emily Hause or the department assistant, Ellie Choate. Also keep in mind the format the positions are listed on the website; including key information is helpful!


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