Clinical and Counseling

Check out what you could do to gain a better understanding of abnormal psychology or counseling!

Newport Academy

Newport Academy is a teen rehab facility that helps teens dealing with substance abuse, anxiety, eating disorders, mental health issues, & more. 

Newport Academy is hiring for their Pleasanton location. Interested students can click here for more information.

Volunteer at CW Therapy

Time commitment per week: Varies, roughly 10hrs/wk.
Duties/Tasks assigned: Sit in on group therapy sessions for individuals with self-regulation, speech or language needs and assist therapists as needed. Some clerical duties as required.
Requirements/Qualifications: TB test required as you'll be working with children, and fingerprinting.
Paid? No
Location: Oakland, CA
Duration of Internship:  Contact organization.
Report to: On-duty staff (varies)
Organization: CW Therapy


Volunteer at Women's Daytime Drop-In Center

Time commitment per week: Typically 1-2 shifts a week at 4 hours each. Speak to coordinator for details.
Duties/Tasks assigned: Varies widely but includes, preparing hot lunch, aiding clients find resources, providing supplies and services, minor clean up duties, answering the phone, organization tasks, childcare.
Requirements/Qualifications: TB test required as you'll be working with children.
Paid? No
Location: Berkeley, CA
Duration of Internship:  Contact volunteer coordinator.
Report to: On-duty staff (varies)
Organization: Women's Daytime Drop-in Center


Volunteer Rape Crisis Counselor at Bay Area Women Against Rape

Time commitment per week: 36 hrs per month after certification. Training is 6-10 hours a week.
Duties/Tasks assigned: Work on hotline to provide counseling to sexual assault survivors, or be a part of the Sexual Assault Reponse Team, which meets clients at hospitals and serve as advocate.
Requirements/Qualifications: Apply to organization, specifics change.
Paid? No
Location: Oakland, CA for training, calls can be performed anywhere.
Duration of Internship:  6-month required commitment, but longer is better.
Report to: On-duty staff (varies).
Organization: Bay Area Women Against Rape


Volunteer at Contra Costa Crisis Center

Time commitment per week: 4hrs/wk minimum, training is 3 weeks long two nights a week for 3 hours each, plus 3 full weekends.
Duties/Tasks assigned: Answering phones for people in crisis, grief assistance/referrals, information for treatment programs, homeless shelters.
Requirements/Qualifications: Must be 21 at time of training.
Paid? No
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Duration of Internship: 1 year minimum
Report to: On-duty staff (varies).
Organization: Contra Costa Crisis Center


Crisis Intervention Worker at Family Violence Law Center

Time commitment per week: 4-8 hrs/wk at the facility
Duties/Tasks assigned: Crisis counseling for domestic violence, either via phone or in person. Clerical work, inputting data or closing out cases on computers.
Requirements/Qualifications: 40 hrs of Domestic Violence Crisis Counseling Certification training at an outside facility such as STAND! in Concord (200$).
Paid? No
Location: Oakland
Duration of Internship: Organization asks that you do 8 hours a week for at least 6 months, or 4 hours a week for a year.
Report to: Undrea Barnes, 510-208-0220
Organization: Family Violence Law Center


Intern at Anka Behavioral Inc.

Time commitment per week: Varies; can vary from once a month to 5 days a week depending on level of position (part time, ful time, on-call/relief).
Duties/Tasks assigned: Preparing dinner, minor cleaning, facility psychoeducational groups, completing 1:1 check-ins with clients, writing progress notes, communicating with case managers and referring parties.
Requirements/Qualifications: Typically must be college graduate, but there may be some flexibility.
Paid? 12/hr
Location: Fremont, CA
Duration of Internship: Organization prefers 6 month - 1 year long commitment (if not longer)
Report to: Jennifer Arambulo
Organization: Casa Fremont, a part of Anka Behavioral Inc.


Volunteer at STAND!

NOTE: This position has not been held by an SMC student. Details provided by website and interactions with STAND! staff.

Time commitment per week: 2-3 hrs/wk; days and times are flexible, though most hours are during school hours. Minimum of two workshops per month.
Duties/Tasks assigned: Co-facilitate two-day violence prevention workshops. Also, work with Youth Education Support Services (YESS) to discuss and lead activities exploring teen dating violence and healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.
Requirements/Qualifications: Background check, fingerprinting. Also, 8-12 hours of Prevention Educator Training, 40 hours Domestic Violence Cousnelor training is preferred.
Paid? No
Location: Various locations across Contra Costra County.
Duration of Internship:  One year minimum
Report to: See website; typically a volunteer coordinator.
Organization: STAND!


ADHD Clinic & Lab Volunteer Research Assistantship

NOTE: This position has not been held by an SMC student.

Time commitment per week: Roughly 9 hrs/wk; minimum of 6 hrs/wk.
Duties/Tasks assigned: Live observational coding of children in academic and social settings, recorded parent-child interaction coding, data entry, preparation of assessment materials, scoring of assessment measures and protocols, preparation of paperwork and materials for skills classes, childcare responsibilities, and other project related tasks.
Requirements/Qualifications: Background check, great attention to detail, interest in child psychopathology, and ability to work cooperatively in small groups.
Paid? No
Location: University of California, San Francisco
Duration of Internship:  One year preferred.
Report to: Sophia Baptista, PhD. Project Coordinator, Collaborative Life Skills Program
Organization: UCSF; contact Sophia Baptista at


Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Clinic (ADMHS) Intern

This position HAS been held by an SMC student.

Duties/Tasks assigned: scheduling appointments, following through with treatment plans, computer programs associated with maintaining client files work

Requirements/Qualifications: Interest in mental health
Paid? No
Location: Santa Maria, CA
Duration of Internship:  Varies
Report to: Contacts can be found here: 


PROGRAM ASSISTANT (Part time to full time): New Directions for Young Adults-California

NDFYA is a transitional living program that helps young adults with high functioning autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and other disabilities learn skills needed to live independently. Our clients live in private apartments and receive support with life management skills, financial management, academic tutoring, social skills training, social actvities, and more.

NDFYA is looking to hire a part-time employee to help them implement these programs for their clients. You would be supervised by the program director (a licensed psychologist), along with an experienced program assistant from the Florida facility. You will be provided with training and instruction and then asked to work independently with program clients teaching life skills, providing transportation, offering supervision during social outings, and providing other support. The position would begin part time (8 hrs/week) and could move to more work over the course of several months.

The position requires reliability, responsibility, organizational skills, computer skills, good communication, a clean background and driving record, weekend and evening availability, flexibility, empathy, basic knowledge of intro college courses, a background in psychology, and some previous mentoring experience.

If you are interested in this position, please SEND A RESUME AND COVERLETTER in PDF format to Please include your last name and the words "Program Assistant" in the subject line.

Student intern in the Patient Satisfaction Research Department

Duties/Tasks assigned: 

- Preparing and verifying quarterly reports
- Reading and responding to patient comments
- Creating displays in Excel
- Performing quality control on surveys
- Conducting an independent research project on patient satisfaction


- An interest in health care, research, and data analysis
- Strong problem solving skills, attention to detail, and an ability to communicate effectively
- Knowledge of statistics and fluency with MS Office applications, particularly Excel
- Preferably fluent in Spanish and/or Chinese

Paid? N/A
Location: downtown Oakland
Duration of Internship:  12 months; 10-20 hrs/week minimum is required
Report to:  Please email your cover letter, resume, college transcripts, and most recent standardized test scores directly to: by March 1st, 2017.


Entry-level behavior therapists for our Walnut Creek & Richmond centers

Time commitment per week: Roughly 9 hrs/wk; minimum of 6 hrs/wk.
Duties/Tasks assigned: See attachment
Requirements/Qualifications: seeking Psychology, Education, or Behavioral Science (or related field) students who are interested in internship or employment opportunities working with individuals with autism and related disorders. We have a comprehensive training program that will help students apply classroom learning to field work with our clients
Location: University of California, San Francisco
Duration of Internship: Part time (15-25 hours per week); 3 weekdays from 2:00 – 8:00 PM and 1 weekend day from 9:00 – 5:00 PM

Report to: Interested individuals may apply by submitting their resumes to
Organization: the Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Paid? yes
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Organization: Center for Autism and Related Disorders, (video of training)


Behavioral Technician at Gateway Learning Group

ABA is an applied science devoted to the development of strategies that produce socially significant changes in behavior. It is currently being utilized to treat individuals with ASD, ADHD, TBI, dementia/Alzheimer's, ODD, and many other diagnoses. As it is one of the only insurance authorized treatments for Autism, it is also becoming increasingly common in both private and school settings. A background in ABA can help those working in the field of child development with techniques not only to support individuals with special needs, but also to help anticipate, mitigate and eventually avoid problem behaviors altogether.  

Time commitment per week: part-time, flexible hours with school.

Duties/tasks assigned: see link- 

Requirments/Qualifications: previous experience working with children, HS diploma, 2+ years of college prefered.

Location: varies throughout East Bay. 

Paid? Yes. 

Report to:


Child Life Practicum Program 

Explore this opportunity at UCSF Benioff Children's Hopsital to apply child development theories to real situations, and learn about the effects of hopsitalization on a child's life and their families lives. 

Time commitment per week: Two days a week, four hours a shift. 

Duties/tasks assigned: Participate in two clinical settings, assist in the playroom setting, and complete written and reading assignments. 

Requirments/Qualifications: All applicatants must complete online application along with a letter of interest and recommendation. An application to volunteer services must also be completed. Please note applications are due December 5th.

Location: UCSF Benioff Children's Hopsital San Francisco.

Paid? No

Report to: Kristen Beckler: or by phone (415) 476-5029