Psych Club Officers

Welcome to Psychology Club! As your club officers, we are here to educate and inform you about Psychology!


Professor Temple (left) and Professor Vu (right)


Faculty Advisors

Professor Hoang Vu (PhD)
Professor & Chair of the Psychology Department
Psych Club Co-Advisor
Teaches Cognitive/Experimental Psychology
Outside of school he enjoys hanging out with his kids!
“My favorite memory was when each of my kids were born: Eli, Jade, Emerson”
“I plan to be silllllllly when I grow up!!”

Professor James Alan (Jim) Temple
Psych Club Co-Advisor
Has been teaching at Saint Mary’s College since 1990.
“Teacher, Father, Husband, Scholar, Poet, Fencer, and all-round Good Egg”

Psych Club Officers

Melissa Van Dyke (Class of 2017)
General Psychology Major and Business Minor
She enjoys baking, traveling, and spending time with friends. Her favorite memory of psych club is all of the wonderful friendships she has made by being an officer. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in marketing.

Melissa Gross (Class of 2016)
Co-President (2015-2016)
Major: General Psychology
Outside of class, she likes to adventure and try new things. Her favorite memory of Psych Club is doubling the attendance at almost every event during the 2015-16 school year. After graduating, she plans to take a year off and then go to graduate school. Her most exciting next adventure is eventually traveling back to Italy and exploring more of the world.

Sheyenne Davis (Class of 2017)
Secretary (2015-2016) and Co-President (2016)
Personality Psychology major
From Castro Valley, CA

Corin Hernandez (Class of 2016)
Treasurer (2015-2016) and Co-President (2016)
General Psychology Major with a Minor in Mathematics.
“I played soccer here on the NCAA and will be graduating in December 2016. My favorite experiences of this major thus far include the welcoming and helpful professors, the family-feel of all the people within the major, the comfortable lounge, fun events, and interesting classes. Everyone should be PSYCHED to be a psych major!”

Kaitlyn Humphries (Class of 2018)
Social Psychology Major
“One of my favorite memories from being in Psychology Club was at Bowling Night when my friend got a strike the very first try.”

Kathryn Hill
Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience Major
She is a Bay Area native who loves spending time with her friends and family.

Cara Calo (Class of 2018)
Public Relations Officer
Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience Major
“My three favorite things to do outside of school are playing the piano, having a Star Wars marathon, and going to Disneyland! After Saint Mary's I'm hoping to attend medical school and become a future neurologist!”

Jesslin Wooliver (Class of 2017)
Public Relations Officer
General Psychology Major

Elisabeth Ford (Class of 2016)