Award Recipients

Student presentations are evaluated on the basis of their scientific thought, scientific method, and communication. Award recipients receive a certificate of excellence and a plaque.

Recipients of Excellence for Outstanding Poster and Presentation




Award Recipients

         Ashish Mehta, San Francisco State University

         Alexandra Short, Saint Mary's College of California

         Elise Rapadas, Saint Mary's College of California

         Rachel Law, Saint Mary's College of California



2016 Award Recipients

Diana Zhu, Saint Mary's College of California

Kayla J. Jimenez, Saint Mary's College of California

Giselle M. Avina, Saint Mary's College of California

Mitchell S. Jensen, Sonoma State University


Best Poster Presentation 2015

Kimya Sabzbalouchibam, Santa Clara Univeristy

Kathleen Vogt, Santa Clara University

Veronica Gonzalez, Saint Mary's College of California


2011 Recipient, Adelaide Kreamer, CSU Chico

Adelaide Kreamer, CSU Chico


Best Poster Presentation 2010 Megan Mahan, Santa Clara University

Megan Mahan, Santa Clara University

Best Poster Presentation 2010 Shi Ying Toh, CSU Fresno

Shi Ying Toh, CSU Fresno


Erin. L. Anderson

Lauren L. Backes

Samantha K. Imada

"As an undergraduate psychology student, you are immediately inundated with studies and results from renowned researchers ... Taking part in undergraduate research allowed me to focus more on the methodology and procedure of research rather than focusing on the results ... I learned the importance of a consistent, unbiased, and sound methodology. I began to view my research in a prospective manner rather than in a retrospective way. I was not simply looking at the results of a study and applying it to past research. I was conducting research that could possibly contribute to the field of social psychology. I am now able to appreciate the process that I was a part of and the dedicated professors that cared about my education and research. Their encouragement to participate in conferences and their endless support ... although I was too busy to appreciate the process I was partaking in at that time, I can see the results and understand that those kind of results are only able to come from such a sound experience with dedicated professors." Currently at Santa Clara University.

Plans: Obtain Ph. D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Francine C. Reid

Department of Psychology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA 95053. Everyone (like me) does it: The effect of referent group identity on normative influence.


Christo Raines

 Christo R. Raines

"It was invaluable ... I discovered I have an aptitude for research but also am effective at communicating the results to others ... I am not sure I would have recognized this ability ... doing the standard research projects for my Psychology classes. It was a thrill to participate in the conference and to present with my peers ... I was really fascinated with to see what other students from other schools had been researching and presenting." 
Current Activity: Exoneree Advocate, Innocence Project New Orleans, LA, working with men wrongfully convicted, served prison terms, and been exonerated.

Liz S. Noakes

Liz S. Noakes

"... invaluable opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the research process, and to improve my writing and analytical abilities. The skills I developed through this experience placed me at an advantage when I began my graduate degree, and helped me to secure positions both as a teaching assistant, and as an intern at the U.S. Department of Justice. Working with my fellow research assistants to present at the Western Psychology Conference is one of my favorite memories from college. It was fun to explain our findings to students and faculty members .... at a conference that involved students from many different schools. Additionally, employers are always impressed when I am able to tell them that a project I took part in won "Best in Conference" at a professional research conference. (Surprisingly, a lot of my classes cover things I learned in psych classes at SMC!)"
Current Activity: Second-year law student at University of San Diego School of Law. Emphasis in Business/Corporate Law.

Morenike F. Oshi-Ojuri

Paul Zarnoth

Department of Psychology, Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA 94575. Attribution of success or failure in leader-group situations.


Alana E. Dulaney

Alana E. Dulaney

"Conducting research as an undergraduate was an experience central to my decision to attend graduate school in psychology ... One important part of of the research process (and a rewarding experience in its own rite) is attending and presenting research at conferences. ... I not only gained the invaluable opportunity to present my own work, but I also had the chance to explore the many interesting topics that other students pursued in their research. The WPCUR opened the door to further opportunities to conduct and present research; these were opportunities that, collectively, prepared me well for graduate research in psychology. 
I would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to present."
Currently at: Boston College, Ph. D. program.
Published work from the conference:  Dulaney, A.E. and Bell, M.C. (2008). Resistance to extinction, generalization decrement, and conditioned reinforcement. Behavioural Processes, 78, 253-258.

Department of Psychology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA 95053. Effects of reinforcer amount on response rate and resistance to change.


Cory Tripp

Cory R. Tripp

Psychology Department, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Effects of perpetrator's gender and level of violence on severity of criminal sentence and attribution of blame.

Alana E. Dulaney

Lindsey C. Hogan

Department of Psychology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA 95053. An evaluation of target images as reinforcers in a visual screening task.