The guidelines for WPCUR are explained below.


Abstracts may be submitted electronically by E-mail to Professor Keith Ogawa at Please write "conference abstract" in the subject line.

Submission Deadline:

The abstract receipt deadline is Monday, April 9, 2018. You will receive an E-mail confirming the receipt of your abstract.

Preparing the Abstract:

Please prepare your abstract using the following guidelines.

  1. Format: Abstracts should be written in 12-point font, single space, with full justification using a standard word processing program, e.g. Microsoft Word.
  2. Length: Your abstract should not exceed 2, 300 characters, including spaces and punctuation. This is roughly 440-480 words..
  3. Title: Please write your title in bold font in the sentence case (first letter capitalized and the remaining letters in lower case)..
  4. Author(s) and Affiliation: Provide full name of author(s) - first name, middle initial, last name - and institution affiliation of each author, including state, city and zip code. .
  5. Body of Abstract: The abstract should state the study's objective, a brief description of the methods used, summary of results, and conclusions. It is not satisfactory to say, "The results will be discussed.".
  6. Abbreviations: Please use standard abbreviations. .
  7. Support: Please list source(s) of contributed support, e.g. faculty development grant, public or private foundation grants. .
  8. Replacement Abstract: If, after you submit your abstract, you discover a minor typographical error, you may submit a replacement abstract no later than Friday, April 13, 2018.