Earthquake Evacuation Drill

Saint Mary's Incident Management Team (IMT) will conduct an earthquake evacuation drill at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 during community time. The goal of the exercise is to clearly demonstrate where students, faculty, and staff should assemble if there is a building evacuation as a result of an emergency, such as a fire or earthquake. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to promptly evacuate to the designated Emergency Assembly Areas (EAAs) for the drill. A Building Coordinator, identifiable by their orange vest, will be on hand to assist and answer any questions.

Emergency Assembly Areas

Evacuation map for the Edward S. Ageno Hall East Residence HallEach building on the Saint Mary’s campus has a designated location where building occupants should gather during an emergency evacuation as a result of a fire or earthquake. Saint Mary's Incident Management Team (IMT) has designated Emergency Assembly Areas (EAAs) and a lead Building Coordinator to assist with evacuation efforts. Emergency Evacuation maps are posted in each of the College's 59 buildings. Maps can be found near building exits, elevators, or stairwells. In the event of an emergency, building residents are encouraged to:

  • Remain calm: Follow emergency guidelines and directions given by the Building Coordinator wearing an orange vest.
  • Immediately proceed to the safest exit, and go to the Emergency Assembly Area (EAA). (Identified in orange)
  • Be sure everyone is accounted for at your Emergency Assembly Area (EAA)
  • At the EAA, please check in with a Building Coordinator or their designee so they may account for building occupants.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Public Safety: (925) 631-4282

  • Fire/Police/Medical: 911

List of Buildings

EAA maps for each building can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the building names listed below.

For more information, contact Jane Camarillo, Incident Management Team Commander and Vice Provost for Student Life, at (925) 631-4524 or; or Adán Tejada, Chief & Executive Director of Public Safety & Transportation Programs. Adán can be reached at (925) 631-4052 or

Ageno Hall East (Edward S.)

Ageno Hall West (Edward S.)

Ageno Hall, Ferdinand & Camille

Ageno Hall, Marjorie David

Ageno Hall, Michael E

Aquinas Hall

Assumption Hall

Augustine Hall

Becket Hall


Brother Alfred Brousseau Hall

Brother Cornelius Art Center

Brother Jerome West Hall

Brother Urban Gregory Hall

Cafe Louis

Cassin Student Union & 1928 Pub


Claeys Hall North

Claeys Hall South


Dante Hall

De La Salle Hall

Dryden Hall

Facilities Services

Faculty and Staff Dining

Fenlon Hall

Ferroggiaro Hall

Filippi Hall

Filippi Academic Hall

Kalmanovitz School of Education

Freitas Hall

Galileo Hall

Garaventa Hall

Guerrieri Hall East

Guerrieri Hall West

Information Technology Services

Intercultural Center/Delphine Lounge

Joseph L. Alioto Recreation Center

Justin Hall

Korth Academic Center


LeFevre Theatre

Madigan Gymnasium

McKeon Pavilion

Mitty Hall

More Hall

Museum of Art

Oliver Hall

Post Office

Power Plant


Rheem Campus

Sabatte Hall

Sichel Hall

Soda Activity Center

St. Albert Hall Library

St. Catherine of Siena Hall

St. Joseph Hall

Syufy Hall for the Performing Arts

Syufy Residence Hall

Thille Hall


Emergency Notification Resources

In the event of an emergency, the best way to be safe is to know how to use the resources that are immediately available and at your fingertips. Nixle and LiveSafe are two emergency notification providers that deliver instant and real-time communications and incident updates.

Sign Up for Nixle

Nixle is a community information service that provides up-to-date public safety information relevant to your physical location. By signing up for Nixle with the SMC Zip code, you receive incident updates from area police departments (Moraga PD), Saint Mary’s Public Safety, and other local community agencies relevant to the College’s geographic location. Communications can be received via text, email, and voice. Sign up to opt in by texting the Saint Mary’s Zip code 94575 to 888777.

Download the LiveSafe App

LiveSafe app screen shotThe LiveSafe platform allows the SMC community and public safety to communicate in two-way, real-time interactions. Features include the ability to check-in during an emergency to indicate if you’re okay or require assistance; a safety map so you can be aware of your surroundings, so you can move to a safe location if needed; and options to report information and tips to Public Safety. Parents can also download the app so they can receive updates and know that their family member is safe. Download the app and sign-up.