Frequently Asked Questions -- 2019/2020 Parking

As with any new program, folks have lots of questions.  We will use this page to post answers to the most common.

Q: "How do I obtain a permit?"

A:  You will be able to use the Parking icon on the Public Safety and Transporation website to get to the online application.  In mid-July, you should receive an email that provides instructions on how to complete the application.


Q: "What hours will parking be regulated in 19/20?"

A: Visitor permits will be required 5am-10pm, 7 days a week,  essentially the same hours that the Front Gate has the gate-arm open.  Lot restrictions will be controlled 6am-6pm as they are this year.  After hours, the only vehicles allowed to park are affiliates and registered guests of residents.


Q: "How do Night/Weekend permits work?"

A: The Night/Weekend permit will be valid Monday-Friday after 5pm and on weekends.  They were designed with graduate students and faculty in mind.


Q: "Will pre-tax payments be available for employees?"

A: Yes!  You will be able to check that option for payment on the online application.


Q: "I don't see rates for adjuncts.  What are the rates?"

A: Depending on your circumstances, you might calculate the Nights/Weekend or even Daily Scratchers to determine the most economical solution for your needs.


Q: "How will carpooling work?"

A: Anyone will be able to purchase a carpool permit.  At least two permits need to be clearly displayed in the vehicle while it is parked.  Employees can use the resources at to organize carpools.


Q: "I only come to campus twice a week.  Can I get daily passes?"

A: Yes.  Employee dailies can be purchased in packets of 25 for $50.  Student Dailies can be purchased in packets of 20 for $30.