Advice for Surviving an Active Shooter Event

If you witness any armed individual on campus at any time, immediately call 9-1-1 from a wired phone or 925-631-4282 via cell phone. Use common sense. If hiding or escaping from danger is impossible, you should remain quiet, but we encourage you to DO SOMETHING! There is no foolproof way to respond. Here are some things to keep in mind that can help.  An excellent video is available at the bottom of this page.

About Fleeing

If it is possible to flee the area safely and avoid danger, do so.
If it is safe to do so, consider:

  • Escaping out of the other side of the building.
  • Moving to a central and secure area within the building.
  • In case you must flee, do not go to the normal gathering sites. Instead, get far away from the shooting scene and then contact Public Safety to notify us of your location.
  • Do not attempt to flee if the shooter is between you and your escape. If you are unsure, do not attempt to flee.

About Hiding in Place

If it is not possible to flee the area safely:

  • Go dark. Turn off all the lights.
  • Lock all windows and doors and secure yourself in your space.
  • Get everyone down on the floor or under a desk and out of the line of fire and remain silent.

About Notifying Others

Attempt to get the word out to others in your building or nearby, if possible.
Dial 9-1-1 (925-631-4282 via cell) to notify police and Public Safety and give your location, if that seems practical.

Do not pull the fire alarm. It will provide the shooter with more opportunities to cause harm.

If the shooter comes into your room or office:

  • There is no one procedure that can be recommended in this situation.
  • Attempting to negotiate with the individual may be very dangerous.
  • Attempting to overcome the individual with force is a last resort that should only be initiated in the most extreme circumstances, but, again, DO SOMETHING!

"All Clear"?

Wait for the "all-clear" instructions given by an authorized or known voice.  If you do not recognize the voice that is giving instructions, do not change your status.

  • Unknown or unfamiliar voices may be giving false assurances.
  • Remember, there may be more than one active shooter.

After a Valid "All-Clear" Signal

Follow the direction of police officers and Publics Safety as you leave the building.
Police may direct you to one collection point.

  • When encountering police officers, keep your hands on your head or open in front of you. Officers are trained to be aware of all possible dangers and need to see quickly that you are not a threat.
  • Be careful not to make any changes to the scene of the incident, since law enforcement authorities will investigate the area later.