Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

PARKING PERMITS  for employees, commuter students and residents:  PLEASE RETURN ON JULY 15 FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO PURCHASE YOUR NEW 2019-20 PARKING PERMIT.

On or about July 15, all SMC employees will receive an email with details on how to purchase their parking permits.

Employee Rates:

Annual salary less than $40,000: $119/year (33% discount)*

*These employees will have $119 added to their annual salary, making their permit effectively free

Annual salary $40,000-$60,000: $142/year (20% discount)

Annual salary $60,001-$80,000: $178/year (BASE RATE)

Annual salary $80,001-$100,000: $214/year (20% surcharge)

Annual salary more than $100,000: $249/year (40% surcharge)

Packets of 25 Dailies: $50 ($2/day)

Carpool permit: $89/year for employees; each carpool occupant must have a permit

Income Tax Impact: Parking fees for employees may be paid with pre-tax dollars, which may generate savings of up to 24% over the above annual fees, depending on the permit holder’s overall tax situation. For example, the base rate fee charge is $178, but if pre-tax income is reduced by 20%, the resulting cost for annual parking is $142.40.


Vehicles not displaying a permit are subject to citation, immobilization or tow away, California Vehicle Code Section 22658.

If you have any questions, contact the Public Safety Office at psadmin@stmarys-ca.edu or call (925) 631-4052.