Employee Parking Update -- February 2013

The following letter was released to the campus community on February 11, 2013.

Dear Employees of Saint Mary’s College,

Parking on the Saint Mary’s College campus is a shrinking commodity. While parking on campus is free, it is not guaranteed, and it is not unrestricted. There are many reasons to regulate parking, including ensuring traffic flow, ensuring appropriate use, and providing for life safety. Every member of the SMC community is required to display a parking permit and is required to park in the appropriate lots, in marked spaces. Fire Department access lanes must be preserved, and disabled parking must be respected.

We have found that our current method of parking control is not effectively correcting violations by staff and faculty. We are able to follow up on violations by students by tying their violations into their student accounts. For employees, no such avenue exists. Unfortunately, a significant number of regular violators are aware of this and disregard the parking regulations. In some cases, employees have ignored Public Safety Officers’ request to park appropriately, telling the officers that parking enforcement is useless.

Every person who has an SMC parking sticker is required to read and sign a parking permit application. That application states in part, “I understand that if I do not pay or appeal parking citations or moving violations within 14 days of issuance of a citation, the fine will be doubled and my vehicle may be immobilized or towed at my expense.”

We do not wish to immobilize (“boot”) or tow vehicles. However, we do require that employees be responsible for parking correctly, and that citations are paid or appealed. Beginning with Spring semester, we will be actively seeking the appropriate resolution of outstanding parking fines. 

In light of the fact that we have not done this on a regular basis, we will dismiss all citations issued prior to last fiscal year, in other words July 1, 2011. In addition we are allowing employees with citations that have been outstanding beyond 14 days to submit an appeal with a request to have the doubled violations reduced to $20 each, except for disabled space violations. IN ADDITION, employees may submit an appeal form for new citations during the rest of the month of February to have the fine reduced to $20 per citation, again except disabled space violations. 

Beginning in March, we will “boot” or tow vehicles with more than 2 citations that are each more than 14 days old. There is a $50 boot removal fee in addition to the full citation fines. Towed vehicles will have to be released by the Moraga Police Department, at the rates in place at that time.

During the month of February, we will be contacting employees who have violations outstanding more than 14 days. In March we will again notify employees who are at risk of being booted or towed. Our goal is not to boot cars. Our goal is for people to respect and comply with the campus parking regulations.

Thank you,

Adán Tejada

Chief & Director, Public Safety