Parking Citation Information

Vehicles parked in violation of Saint Mary's College's parking regulations are subject to parking citations by Public Safety.

Please read and obey posted signs. Parking citations and fines are as follows:

Prohibited by Signs or Markings $45
Red Zone $55
Fire Lane $55
Fire Hydrant $80
Blocking Traffic or Walkway $55
Reserved Spaces $55
Inappropriate Lot $45
Handicapped Stall, Ramp or Hash Marks $275
No Visible Current SMC Permit $45
Loading Zones $45
Bus Zones $105
Speeding $85
Stop Sign $85
Boot Removal Fee $50
Other $45

All parking citation fees must be paid online HERE or at the Business Office within 14 days of the date of issuance. Citations not paid will be doubled and added to your account. Unpaid citations will result an inability to register for classes, withholding transcripts, grades and/or academic degrees.

You may appeal a citation within 14 days of issuance by completing an appeal form online.  (No other forms of appeals will be accepted.)

Vehicles without permits are subject to be booted (immobilized). All parking citations fines and the boot fee MUST be paid prior to the removal of the boot.