Visitor Parking Permits

Visitor Parking is limited to the following lots:  Filippi Visitor Lot Extension, the rear of the Recreation Center lot (near the tennis courts), Upper Soda, and the Soccer/Rubgy lot.  

Parking Paystations are located in the Filippi Lot Extension and Recreation Center lot.  

Parking restrictions will be enforced every day, 5am to 10pm.  

Vehicles parked without a permit and/or in the incorrect lot will be subject to citation and towing.  

Special event parking and permit requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis.    

No RV overnight parking allowed.  

Parking for events at the Soda Center are coordinated through Meetings, Events & Conference Services.


How to buy a Visitor Parking Pass:

  • Daily parking is available from the Parking Paystations in the Filippi Lot Extension and the Recreation Center Lot.
  • The fee is $.50/per hour, with a $5 maximum for the day. These machines accept credit.debit cards only - - NO cash.
  • Daily Permit packages are available for $75 for a packet of 25 permits. 
  • A full year Visitor Parking Permit is available for $400 (expires 7/31/20).

Daily Visitor Permit packages may be purchased via check or cash to the Business Office, Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm.

Once you have paid for your permit packages bring your receipt to the Department of Public Safety & Transportation Administrative Office located in Assumption Hall West to obtain your parking permits.

If you are not a member of the SMC community (student, staff, or faculty), visitor permits may also be purchased online with a credit card after September 9 at