Arrowhead delivery service

2016 Schedule Listed Below

Before requesting to have bottled water delivered for your department, contact Riley Smith, x4673.  If it is determined that you still need to have water delivered then contact our account rep:  Bernie ReyesKey Account Development Manager, Arrowhead/ Nestlé Waters, 7480 Las Positas Rd, Livermore Ca. 94550.  C: 707-333-6073  E:

Web: | Filtration: and cc

Your Arrowhead account should be paid with a corporate Visa P card.  Please be sure that you have set your Arrowhead account up for recurring charges each month.  You can do this by going online or filling out the back of the paper invoice.  You should also confirm that the BILL TO address for your account is 1928 Saint Mary's Road, Moraga, CA  94575.

Your "invoice" mailing address should be your department PO Box.  This invoice serves as your receipt for your monthly billing statement.  If you do not see a transaction post to your account for a month that you received service, please raise a flag and contact our Account Rep Bernie Reyes at the email address above ASAP.

Arrowhead Schedule for 2016

FRIDAY 3/4/16
TUESDAY 4/5/16
FRIDAY 6/3/16
TUESDAY 7/5/16
MONDAY 10/3/16
TUESDAY 11/1/16
FRIDAY 12/2/16