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Contract and Agreement Routing (CAR)

All Contracts and Agreements should be signed by the President or the Vice President for Finance Only.  Please submit all paperwork at least 7-10 business days prior to services being performed.  An additional 7-10 business days is requested for payment requests once the CAR has been processed and approved.

The following only pertains to SPEAKERS who are not being paid or compensated in any way.  All other services being provided to or for SMC should be submitted with a CAR form and Agreement, regardless of the dollar amount, even if no payment is being made.

If you are sponsoring an individual or group to come to the campus to speak and they will not be receiving any kind of payment or honorarium for their services then you do not need to complete a CAR form and submit a Speakers, Bands and Performing Artists Agreement.

Do not submit a CAR packet in pieces.  It needs to be submitted all at once and the CAR form should always be the top page.

CAR Instructions (pdf)

CAR Form (pdf)

W-9 Form

CA Form 587

CA Form 590

Worksheet on Worker Status (pdf)

General Liability Insurance (pdf)

Contracts and Agreements (General Counsel site)

Food Liability Waiver (pdf)

Food Handling Guidelines (pdf) 

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