External purchasing

Saint Mary's College requires that all materials, supplies, equipment, and services* $3,000.00 and above, which are not available from college sources, be requisitioned through the SMC Purchasing Department using either the SMC Purchase Requisition (PR) or Contract and Agreement Routing (CAR) form. 

See Purchasing office for requisition forms.  Purchases of this nature should NOT be made on the Saint Mary’s College Visa P Card or personal credit cards without prior approval from Purchasing.   *Services require the completion of a CAR form.

Go to: Service Agreement Page

  • Note: Contact ITS for all technology and computer related requests prior to completing a Purchase Requisition or putting a purchase on a P card.

Go to: IT Services Technology Purchase Request Form

  • EXCEPTIONS: Regardless of dollar amount the following purchases require a Purchase Requisition (PR).  Restricted Accounts, Endowment Acounts, All Furniture requests, Orders to be placed by Purchasing on a Corporate credit card.
  • Events/services ordered through Sodexo Food Services for less than $3,000. require an authorized signer to sign and code the Sodexo catering confirmation form. For events over $3,000, a purchase requisition should be submitted to Purchasing well before the event date (at least 7-10 business days). An estimate is fine to create a requisition.
  • The purchasing requisition should be completed with a date, department, name and phone number of the requester, vendor name, description and quantity of purchase, and account number. Include estimated pricing if exact prices are not available. Include sales tax and shipping costs (as appropriate). Attach any quotes to the requisition.
  • Note: If submitting a purchase requisition for a new vendor who requires a purchase order for invoicing (ask if they will accept payment via your Visa P card) please include a completed W-9 with your purchase requisition or CAR form and allow 2-3 business days for Purchasing to process your request. 
  • The completed requisition should be submitted to the Department Head or Dean for authorized approval.
  • Requisitions $3,000 and above should be sent to the Business Office for budgetary and coding review. The Business Office will then create a Purchase Order number if required.
  • Allow three (3) days for this process, this will require some advanced planning. The actual placement of the order can be done by the requesting department or by the Purchasing Department once a request has been approved or PO number has been issued. Please make sure that the PO number is referenced on the shipping label or packing slip. Regardless of who places the order, all shipping shall be delivered to the Service Center Warehouse. No items should be shipped directly to a department. Items received will be compared to the shipping documents, matched to a PO and delivered to the requesting department.
  • Requisitions may be rejected at any time for the following reasons: lack of funds, computer or technology request not approved by ITS, and any purchases not compatible with College standards or in the best interest of the College, even with Department Head or Dean's approval. Should this occur, the department will be notified immediately.
  • All purchases $3,000 and above must receive approval through the Purchase Order or CAR process prior to placing the order or making any payment.
  • The Purchasing Department does not handle purchases for personal or private use by staff or faculty.

Call x4285 with any questions