Each department is responsible for the inspection of all orders upon receipt.  If you need to place a return follow the instructions below.

How to Return Items via Your Desktop Account

Log into your desktop account and click on Order Tracking under My Account. Click on your order and once the screen is open, you click on Begin Return at the bottom of the screen (to the left of the Add to List button).

The next screen will read Place Return (Step 1 of 3). Simply click on the Continue button to accept the default return address. The next screen with read Place Return (Step 2 of 3). Here you click the quantity of the item(s) you want to return, select either Exchange or Return for Credit and the reason for the return from the drop down menu. At the bottom of the screen you have to state Number of boxes to return. This will usually be one, this is so the driver knows how much room he/she will need on the truck when it's picked up. The next screen will read Place Return (Step 3 of 3). Here you simply review the return information you've entered and hit the Submit Return button at the bottom of the screen.

You should get a Return Order Number, which will be different than the original order number. You can also see the credit amount when you click on Order Tracking again from My Account. Take your items to the Warehouse or give to Chris on his next delivery. Put items in a box if you have it or ask Erice in the Warehouse to box it up. Either print a copy of your Return Order and put in box with item(s) or write the Return Order Number on the box. Do not write directly on the item or original packaging material.

Contact Emma in Purchasing at x4785 or Janie at x4572 with any questions or concerns you have regarding the returning of office supplies.