Please read the instructions then refer to sample PR below.


  1. Must be signed by authorized approver. Any purchase $3000 and above or any purchase being charged to a restricted account also requires Business Office approval.
  2. Always list vendor name or vendor number if known.
  3. Include Expense Account Number(s).
  4. Check one of the two boxes so it is clear who is placing the order.
  5. This space may be used to note if a hard copy of the purchase order is needed, the fax number if Purchasing is to fax the PO, if the items are Bypass Warehouse, or any special instructions for the Purchasing Department.
  6. Do not FAX requisitions to vendors, this is an internal document. If the vendor needs a copy of the Purchase Order, please note on the requisition form and Purchasing will provide a copy of the Purchase Order that can be given to the vendor.
  7. Be sure and include prices. Exact amounts are not required, estimates can be requested. Include any quote information.