Shredding Service

You must have a console or put your material next to an existing console and work with that department for the payment of your material.

Shred-It is the contracted vendor who provides on-site shredding services every 4 weeks for the main and Rheem campus. The cost for a secured console is $8.00 per month.  A console holds one blue bag which is approximately three banker boxes worth of material.  The cost is $8.00 for every blue bag processed, whether the bag is full or not.

If you have material you want to have shredded you can request your own console, which can be serviced monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.  If you do not want a console you can work directly with a department that has a console by contacting the account contact for that department.

The consoliated monthly invoice for all consoles is paid by the Business Office on the Business Office P card.  Contact with any questions.

For extra blue bags contact Chris Morello at 925-363-7301 or

Service Schedule and Department Contacts attached below.