RA Spotlight: Sabrina Hamor ’22

Saint Mary’s Residential Advisors (RAs) are part of what makes living on campus so memorable. From unlocking your door when you forget your keys, to baking cookies for special residence hall events, our RAs work hard to make Saint Mary’s an inclusive living community.

Sabrina Hamor ’22Meet Sabrina Hamor ’22, RA for Aquinas Hall first floor and a senior majoring in Justice, Community, and Leadership with a minor in English. 

“An RA is basically a guiding force within your building,” described Hamor. “We put on events; we’re here as a resource. For example, I do Cookie Time, where we come in and talk; you can ask me questions. So, it’s basically just like a peer mentor, in a way, that helps you through your time living on campus at Saint Mary’s.”

Transitioning into college presents its own set of challenges in any given year, but this class of first-year students faced the unique experience of moving to college after social distancing for nearly two years due to COVID-19. As a first-year RA, Hamor hosts events to help residents meet new people and make them feel part of the campus community, especially following the pandemic.

“We’re trying to get people out of their rooms because so many people were so limited to their rooms within the past few years. We try to do things out on the patio, like getting people outside and playing music, so people know to come down and hang out. Or, for example, we have our doors open every time we’re on duty. If someone wants to come and talk, it doesn’t feel restrictive and like you have to be trapped…. There will be many residents here, and they’re all just getting to know each other. So, it’s just creating that space.” 

Hamor shared how many students at large universities don’t know their RAs or see them as a disciplinary figure; but Saint Mary’s RAs make an effort to build a community with their residents. She recalled the positive experience she had with her RA during her first year at Saint Mary’s: “I remember, her name was Marcella; she was always very warm and welcoming. I remember being at first intimidated, but then when she used to knock on our doors and personally invite us to events, that was very nice because it felt like we were cared for. She used to have a lot of things in our lounge, and even walking by, she was like, ‘Hey, you want some food?’ It was so nice to be drawn out of my space and being invited by someone to be somewhere. She was awesome like that. She also had fun posters everywhere. She was really cool.”

Now, Hamor goes the extra mile to get to know her first-year residents. “I have my board outside that says my Zodiac sign, my favorite ice cream flavor, my favorite place I’ve traveled. I just like to put those things out there, so I seem more approachable and it’s less like, “‘Oh, there’s the RA,’ you know?”

Hamor said she became an RA to challenge herself and prepare for her future career as a high school teacher. Aside from building her public speaking and professional skills, Hamor credits the RA role for helping her step out of her comfort zone. “This has really brought me out of my shell, to reach out to people and want to go up to people, and check in. Just being someone’s peer and being there for someone, I feel like has really helped me.

To learn more about living on campus, visit the Student Life website.