Recent English Major Kennedy Tripp Talks About Finding Her First Job

This is the second in a series in which recent English major graduates discuss using what they learned at Saint Mary’s to find their first post-college job.

Kennedy Tripp ’20 began her journey at the College as a transfer student from Cabrillo College. She switched from Allied Health Science to English as her major mid-semester her first year at Saint Mary’s, and she attributes a large part of her success in finding her recent job to her major. She is currently working in her first post-college job as a Resident Care Coordinator and Health Services Assistant at a memory care and assisted living senior home. Her boss saw that she was an English major and thought this position would be perfect for her, as the job involves a great deal of organizational writing and engagement in her workplace’s family-centered environment.

“I think the thing English majors need to know is there are jobs out there for us. We are so valued,” Tripp said. “We are able to take massive amounts of information and funnel it down into something that makes complete sense for everybody. The director of the facility I work at told me that. Almost every English major has that ability. We are valued. We are not like a lot of people out there. So, just run with it and try to do your best. Apply to anything!”

Tripp emphasized the importance of listening in communication. “The English Department really taught me to write and to listen,” she said. “Saint Mary’s—with the classes being mostly seminar-style and the Seminar program as a whole—teaches you to listen, to talk, to not be afraid of what you’re going to say or to share your ideas. Don’t let any of that sit on the back burner, or you’re not going to be heard. That’s what helped me with my job.”

She found that her time in small classes, working closely with faculty, helped her learn how to best communicate with people, and she has some advice for current and future students. “Be able to listen to others, and be able to build off of their argument if you agree. Or agree to disagree in a way that’s respectful to both them and yourself. That comes with Seminar and also the English Department because in both situations, you’re reading some very diverse content and discussing it.” 

Tripp feels that at Saint Mary’s, “You learn to value the views of other people, and that’s something I definitely take to my job. Valuing other people, their time, and their presence.”

Tripp believes she’s come out of the College with “this feeling of self-confidence….I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned there….There’s so much I can apply to my job. Saint Mary’s has pushed me to realize what I’m capable of. Some of the classes I took there are hard; the professors are tough; but when you’re put in situations like that you come out learning more.”

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