Recent Grad Ariana Harr ’21 Scores Marketing Job

Ariana Harr ’21 has scored her first job straight out of college! Harr graduated this past spring with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing and a minor in Communication. This summer, Harr started her new position as a marketing coordinator at HB Staffing, a women-owned employment agency in Huntington Beach, California. 

“I manage their website and make sure everything is up to par with our recent business, and I also manage the social media, and I connect insights from all of our job search websites,” said Harr. “I can see how many people are applying, how many people are looking at our jobs, and I also do outreach through marketing. I make sure all of our social media looks presentable to people who would look for jobs; I create marketing campaigns and email newsletters for our current recruits.” 

Harr said her favorite part of being a marketing coordinator is the freedom that comes with working at a women-owned small business. “I’m the only person in the marketing department, so there are a lot of things that I get to decide, and I get to have creative freedom. I think the best part about being a marketing coordinator is that you get the data side plus the creative side of marketing campaigns. That’s what I like—so much creative freedom,” described Harr.  

“I go directly to the president, which is really cool because I get to work with her and she’s been in this industry for 40-plus years. It’s actually a predominantly female company, and I’d say more than half of our employees are women, which is really inspiring.” 

Harr credits the Business Administration: Marketing Department at Saint Mary’s for giving her the firsthand experience she needs to succeed at her job. “The professors in the Marketing department, like Professor Eric Kolhede and Professor Mina Rohani, are really the people who prepared me for this experience. I think the most important classes were the Applied Marketing Research class and Digital Marketing. The content that I learned is stuff that I do directly in this job,” said Harr.  

“The person who motivated me the most into this job was Professor Eric Kolhede. I was the student coordinator for the fall 2019 Applied Marketing Class. That experience of working with him and being the coordinator and his right-hand-man in that class helped me with this job.” 

During her time at Saint Mary’s, Harr was also an orientation leader, and she thanked New Student & Family Programs Director Jennifer Herzog for preparing her for the workforce. “The leadership skills I got from her and watching her do her job helped me get into this job. The experiences of doing leadership at Saint Mary’s and being a student assistant in a class really is what helped me in this job.”