Record Enrollment for Fall 2008 Class

Saint Mary’s 2008–2009 incoming class is the largest in the College’s history, with 799 new students — 675 freshmen and 124 transfer students.

The College exceeded its goal of 750 students.

New SMC students on Move-In Day 2008

The class is about 10 percent larger than last year, and 8 percent higher than the average for the previous four years.
There are 78 honors-at-entrance candidates. The average high school GPA of 3.33 for all freshmen remained the same as fall 2007.

More than 43 percent of the freshman class are students of color, including 23.4 percent Latino, 12 percent Asian-American, 6.4 percent African-American and 1.6 percent Native American. The class also includes 20 international students.

More than 25 percent of the new students are eligible for Pell Grants, which meets the College’s institutional goal and Lasallian commitment to provide economically disadvantaged students with access to high-quality education. Institutional aid for new students rose dramatically in fall 2008, reflecting higher levels of student need, lower levels of federal and state aid and aggressive targeting of high-ability students.

The class also includes a record number of students (60) who attended Lasallian high schools, including three from the first graduating class at San Miguel High School, the Christian Brothers’ new school in Tucson, and two from Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep who graduated from De Marillac Academy, the Brothers’ middle school in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.