Executive Team

The Residence Hall Association's Executive Team provides leadership and direction for the General Assembly. As upperclass students with a wide variety of leadership experience, the Executive Team is elected each year by the General Assembly through a membership vote.

The Executive Team is as follows:

RHA Chair(s)

  1. Leads the organization by presiding over the Executive Board.
  2. Sets forth policies and goals of the organization.
  3. Appoints RHA Representatives and Committees as needed.
  4. Serves as the head of the RHA team.

Advocacy & Outreach Coordinator

  1. Identifies and addresses specific hall wide resident issues.
  2. Collaborates with the office of Residential Experience and the Associated Students of Saint Mary's College to gain an understanding of what current student concerns are.
  3. Explores and coordinates opportunities for town hall meetings.

Programming Coordinator(s)

  1. 1. Explores potential events /creates an extensive logistical plan to present to Executive team.
  2. Implements events both on and off campus.
  3. Communicates with campus organizations to create collaborative on campus events
  4. Once event is created the coordinator will request space and fill out media request form.
  5. Creates promotional advertisements.

Finance Coordinator

  1. Handles all financial transactions for RHA.
  2. Manages all general correspondence for RHA.
  3. Oversees the appropriation process, which allows students to gain monetary support for programs.
  4. Creates and shares an up to date monetary spreadsheet in order to allow all members to see active budget and plan accordingly.

Want to contact the Executive Team with ideas or thoughts? Email us today.