RHA Constitution

This Document states the full purpose of The Resident Hall Association as well as the Executive Board members who are hired under this organization. 

Residence Hall Association Constitution Saint Mary’s

College of California


Article I: Name of Association


This body will be named the Saint Mary’s College of California Residence Hall Association, Abbreviated as RHA.


Article II: Mission Statement


The Saint Mary’s College of California Residence Hall Association exists primarily to:

1. Provide students with activities and opportunities inside the residence halls of SMC.

2. Encourage an engaging community within the halls.

3. Serve as a liaison between halls in order to create inter hall development.

4. Collaborate with onsite clubs and programs in order to reach out to residents.

5. Provide students with fun and engaging activities on and off campus.


Article III: Membership


Section A: Executive Board Membership


1. Any RHA Executive Board position is open to any student who lives on campus.

2. An off Campus resident may hold a position on the RHA Executive Board as long as they have been previously employed by RHA for at least one academic year.

3. Resident Advisors may not hold Executive Board positions.

4. The Executive Board shall consist of the following: Chair, Programming Coordinator(s), Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator, Finance Coordinator and Coordinators Assistant(s).


Section C: Voting Members


1. Voting members will consist of the RHA Executive Board Members


Section D: Non-Voting Members


1. Non-Voting members will consist of the following: RHA Advisor(s).

2. If a member decides to propose an event, said member will not be allowed to vote for the approval of the event when proposed to the team. (Unless there is a tie)


Article IV: Duties and Responsibilities


Section A: The powers and duties of the Executive Board

RHA Chair(s)


1. Leads the organization by presiding over the Executive Board.

2. Sets forth policies and goals of the organization.

3. Appoints RHA Representatives and Committees as needed.

4. Serves as the head of the RHA team.


Programming Coordinator(s)


1. Explores potential events /creates an extensive logistical plan to present to Executive team.

2. Implements events both on and off campus.

3. Communicates with campus organizations to create collaborative on campus events.

4. Once event is created the coordinator will request space and fill out media request form.

5. Creates promotional advertisements.


Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator


1. Identifies and addresses specific hall wide resident issues.

2. Collaborates with the office of Residential Experience and the Associated Students of Saint Mary’s College to gain an understanding of what current student concerns are.

3. Explores and coordinates opportunities for town hall meetings.


Finance Coordinator


1. Handles all financial transactions for RHA.

2. Manages all general correspondence for RHA.

3. Oversees the appropriation process, which allows students to gain monetary support for programs.

4. Creates and shares an up to date monetary spreadsheet in order to allow all members to see active budget and plan accordingly.


Coordinators Assistant(s)


1. Must chose an Executive Board member to shadow for the academic year and complete duties given by executive member.

2. Must complete two hours of shadowing and one hour a week for office hours in the RHA office.

3. Must attend all events unless the absence is excused by RHA chair.



Article V: Constitutions


Section A: Constitutional Revisions


1. Any alteration to the RHA constitution may happen at the end of each academic semester if deemed necessary by RHA executive board members.

2. Approval of the revised RHA Constitution requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board.


Section B: Amendments


1. Any voting member may propose an amendment to this constitution.

2. Amendments must be ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the Executive Board.

3. The Advisor(s) and the Director of Residence Life must approve all amendments.


 Section C: Amendments to By-Laws


1. Any voting member may propose a by-law to be added to the Constitution.

2. The by-law must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board one week before voting.

3. The by-law must receive a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the Executive Board in order to pass, and a simple majority in order to be revoked.


 Article VI: By-Laws


Section A: Attendance, Vacancies, and Dismissals


Attendance Requirements


1. The Executive Board members must attend all RHA meetings.

2.  If an Executive Board member is unable to attend, the Chair must be notified 24 hours in advance.

3. Two unexcused absences will warrant a warning letter (may be in electronic format). A third unexcused absence will warrant further actions by the RHA Executive Board, including the possibility of dismissal.


Vacancies within the Executive Board


1. Vacancies shall be filled within two meetings of the executive board after position becomes available.

2. In the event that an executive board member is absent, an Executive Board member shall assume the responsibilities of the vacant member, until which time the absent member resumes duties or a newly elected member acquires the position.




1. A vote open to the Executive Board shall take place. A three-fourths (3/4) majority shall be grounds for removal of said Executive Board member.

2. The aforementioned procedure shall be used to dismiss members of the Executive

Board. They may also be removed based on failure of following the requirements and criteria outlined in their respective duties and powers.




1. The RHA advisor will be selected within the first two weeks of each semester.

2. All candidates must read through the entire RHA constitution prior to acceptance.

3. The advisor must submit written confirmation stating that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the constitution.

4. If the advisor does not follow rules and terms within the constitution, active executive members are allowed to impeach the advisor, terminating their involvement in the organization.

5. Advisors must respect monetary decisions established by the Executive Board.

6. Advisor(s) is/are in no way to communicate/ make commitments with other organizations on behalf of RHA unless they have communicated with the RHA Executive Board first.


Section A: The powers and duties of the Advisor(s)


1. Represents Student Life and the office of Residential Experience.

2. Attends Executive Board meetings when needed.

3. Holds meetings with individual Executive Board members and is a non-voting member.

4. Follow the logistical plan set for an event will not exceed given budget.

5. Has bi-monthly one on ones meetings with each member to talk about performance and improvement.

6. If said advisor has an idea for an event the advisor must propose the event to the Executive Board at designated Executive meeting time where Executive members will confer and vote on proposal.


Section B: Appropriations




1.Groups failing to abide by these by-laws will be placed under review and may be susceptible to a loss of future funding.


Basic Funding Requirements


1. Funding can and will only be given to groups who only have on campus residents.

2. Groups seeking RHA funds must demonstrate to RHA that they have made an effort to find the lowest cost.

3. A representative of the group requesting funds must attend the one of the weekly meetings held by RHA in order to present said request.

4. All groups that seek funding must submit a formal written request.

5. Groups that seek funding must represent to RHA that they will make a conscious effort to advertise for current or future RHA events in turn for monetary aid.

6. If group does not abide by the rule above RHA has the RIGHT to refuse all future monetary aid to said group.


Funding Restrictions


1. RHA encourages fundraising by individual groups, as RHA is not meant to be a sole source of financial support for all groups. Money earned through fundraised or other outside sources should be noted as such in the group’s record keeping.

2. RHA will not fund any group that does not benefit students of the residential community.

3. No groups may award RHA funds as a cash prize.

4. Residence hall equipment purchased with RHA funds must remain in residence.

5. RHA funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

6. RHA may not appropriate funds to groups for the purpose of gifts or donations.

7. RHA reserves the right to donate funds in the name of RHA and the Residents of Saint Mary’s College of California.




1. All groups funded by RHA are responsible for maintaining accurate financial records.

2. Accurate financial records include all receipts and invoices associated with the

RHA funds.

3. Groups receiving RHA funds must file a financial report with RHA including: a detailed list of RHA funds spent, copies of receipts and invoices, remaining RHA funds, amount of money earned through fundraising in account.

4. RHA reserves the right to examine all records for any RHA funded organization.

5. If discrepancies are found, RHA reserves the right to turn over the incident to residential life.