Residents Prosper in Sleepy Forest Setting

An Oakland Tribune article about the town of Canyon quotes Jim Smith, who teaches at Saint Mary's College and has lived in Canyon for 22 years, now serving as school board president. "One wisecrack that's been going around - OK, I'm the one who made it up - is that Canyon is full of flower children who have gone to seed," he said, ducking a Frisbee in the grove.

"But there are families that go back several generations too," he said. "It's an interesting community. Everybody of voting age here is registered to vote, and there's always about 90 percent voter turnout.

He says Canyonites work together for their town.

"If you're not handy before you come to Canyon, you better get that way pretty quick," he said. "These are private roads up in the hills, so you can't call Caltrans if you've got a pothole in front of your house. We have to maintain it. Clean water is either from springs or wells. We do have phone lines and electricity."

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