Class of 1982 Donors

Thank you to donors from the Class of 1982 who have made a gift to Saint Mary's College this year!
  Brian D. Ahrens '82  
  Vincent J. Albanese '82  
  Angela E. and Gregory J. Alcaraz '82  
  Kelly C. '84 and Mario F. Alioto '82  
  MaryAnne '82 and Philip J. Brand '81  
  Lisa Tarantino Brodsky '82  
  Blake A. Brydon '82  
  Susan M. '88 and Robert E. Buckley, Jr. '82  
  Laura A. Clark '82  
  Lynne '82 and Peter Cowperthwaite  
  Jeanne T. '83 and John D. DeMatteo '82  
  Stephen J. Desler '82  
  Timothy G. Desmond '82  
  Diane M. '83 and Peter S. Deterding '82  
  Christina G. Dunn '82  
  Noreen A. Freitas '82  
  Julie M. Furrer '82  
  Nicole M. '82 and Brian S. Hagadorn '82  
  Bobby L. Hagle '82  
  Barbara Haire-Stewart '82 and Jeffrey M. Stewart '81  
  Michelle D. and Dennis G. Haskins '82  
  John J. Heckenlively '82  
  Daniel E. Helix '82  
  James D. Hodges '82  
  Margaret Kanchong '82 MA'84  
  Sheree R. Kirby '82 MBA'89  
  Mari Kirrane '82  
  Jean E. '82 and Paul A. Larkins '82  
  Eileen F. Lewin '82  
  Mary A. Little '82  
  Vito J. Lograsso '82  
  Michael A. Modesti '82  
  Jon G. Murphy '82  
  Lori B. '82 and John L. Nethery  
  Cynthia A. Niven '82  
  Mark D. Normandin '82  
  John H. Ogle '82  
  Lucy T. and James D. Paliwoda '82  
  Candace L. '82 and Timothy J. Palmesano '80  
  Elizabeth R. Alexander Pimobo '86 and John L. Piombo '82  
  Cathy and Luke M. Powers '82  
  Colleen O. '82 and Daniel F. Reilly '84  
  Mona Lisa Ricard '82  
  Karen '82 and John J. Ryan, Jr. '82  
  Debra and Steven W. Sachwitz '82  
  Douglas C. Sparks '82  
  Gregory G. Stakich '82  
  Patricia '82 and Matthew J. Sweeney '82  
  Susan '82 and Gregory P. Tennyson '82 MS'86  
  Sheryl R. Thomas '82  
  James D. Wimberly '82  
  Joseph C. Wright '82  
  Bonnie K. and Michael R. Zumbo '82  

This list includes gifts made since July 1, 2011 and is updated each Monday.

Last updated on 7/16/12

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