Richard McLean: Gallery

Richard McLean: Master Artist Tribute IX
April 15-June 17, 2012
Reawaken with artwork from local painter and photographer, Richard T. McLean. An artist in Castro Valley, Calif. McLean received his education at Mills College and California College of Arts and Crafts.  

Titles are listed left to right. 

Western Tableau with Rhodesian
Ridgeback(Trails West), 1993
Oil on canvas. 48 x 70 inches
Collection of Louis Meisel Gallery, NY

Kahlua Lark, 1979
Oil/canvas. 44 x 54 inches
Private Collection

Self Portrait, 1982
Watercolor/gouache. 30 x 22 inches
Collection of the artist

Whistlejacket, 2011
Oil/canvas. 42 x 48 inches
Private collection

Portrait of Mel Ramos,1997
Watercolor, graphite and collage. 5 3/8 x 5 3/8 inches
Private Collection

T’N Sugar, 2011
Watercolor. 11 x 15 ½ inches
Collection of Louis K. Meisel Gallery

Santa Rosa Leopard, 1984
Watercolor.12 x 15 inches
Private collection

North Livermore Clipper, 2004
Oil/canvas. 22 x 24 inches
Private Collection

Incident in Turlock, 1997
Oil on canvas. 42 x 65 inches
Private Collection