Ronnie Lott Speaks to SEBA Class on Social Entrepreneurship

lottSEBA undergraduate entrepreneurship students played host to NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott this March when the 49er great spoke about the impact his non-profit All Stars for Kids has been made on Bay Area youths. Lott was accompanied by JG Larochette ’02 and Jason Young of the Mindful Life Project. Together, the three presenters discussed the value and need for social entrepreneurship.

A guest of Professor Paul Stich, Lott explained how he has made positive impact in Bay Area communities through his organization All Stars Helping Kids. Lott’s organization focuses on fundraising and increasing the effectiveness of non-profits that work with children and teenagers. The organization aims to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing seed funding for other non-profits that improve youth education, health and life-skill development.

“Essentially what we’re doing is to making it easier for non-profits in the Bay Area to thrive,” said Lott. “We’re striving to make sure that all youth are able to succeed in life, regardless of where they come from.”

JGThe Mindful Life Project is one of the organizations making the impact that All Stars Helping Kids champions. Founded by SMC alumnus JG Larochette and assisted by Jason Young, the Mindful Life Project that teaches mindfulness, yoga, therapeutic art and hip-hop/performing arts to elementary school students in Richmond.

“One of the things that we’re trying to do is teach techniques to our students so they can react more positively to the things that are going on around them. These practices are ways of empowering these kids,” said Larochette.

All three speakers discussed how vital social entrepreneurship is to solving the most important issues of our time.

Jason Young“Social entrepreneurs are critical,” said Professor Stich. “They’re ambitious and persistent. They offer new ideas than can lead to wide-scale change. Having guests like these showcases how valuable social entrepreneurship is for our students.”

Since discussing social entrepreneurship in class, two SEBA undergraduates—Chris Queen and Kerolo Nakhla—have started working with the Mindful Life team to write a mobile that will allow them to reach more students and families.