Rusty Morrison, MFA Poetry '98

Poet, writer, senior editor and publisher of Omnidawn books

Entropy Magazine recently published some of Rusty's nonfiction

rusty morrison


Rusty's Bio:

Her book -After Urgency- (Tupelo, 2012) won Tupelo’s Dorset Prize. - the true keeps calm biding its story- (Ahsahta, 2008) won Ahsahta's Sawtooth Prize, the Academy of American Poet’s James Laughlin Award, the Northern California Book Award, and the DiCastagnola Award from Poetry Society of America. –Whethering- (The Center for Literary Publishing, 2004), won the Colorado Prize for Poetry. -Book of the Given– (2011) is available from Noemi Press. She has received the Bogin, Hemley, Winner, and DiCastagnola Awards from PSA. Her poems and/or essays appear in A Pubic Space, American Poetry Review, Aufgabe, Boston Review, Gulf Coast, Kenyon Review, Lana Turner, Pleiades, Spoon River, The Volta’s Evening Will Come, VOLT. Her poems have been anthologized in the Norton Postmodern American Poetry 2nd Edition, The Arcadia Project: Postmodern Pastoral, Beauty is a Verb, and The Sonnets: Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare. She's been co-publisher of Omnidawn since 2001.

Author's note:

After being a HS English teacher for 19 years, I decided that it was time to try to follow my deep desire to become the poet I'd always wanted to be. I knew that I wanted to work with Brenda Hillman because her books amazed me and left me feeling changed, so I applied to Saint Mary's MFA. Brenda was even more amazing as a teacher than I had hoped for. Her candor and wit and compassion as an instructor and guide allowed me to become adept at finding the ways that I could continue to grow as a writer, with rigor and deep intuition. And, I will add that the SMC MFA program is very thoughtfully constructed to offer a writer both a sense of the value of community and the tools to help one find and follow one's own trajectory. 

Rusty's News: